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The Truth About Personal Security Devices | Real Life Story

The Truth about Personal Security Devices | Real Life Story

Walk and pray could not be a solution when an alien behind you. Keeping security devices always can be a solution and helpful for getting higher confidence. Do you think I am right? I think you should have no argument on that issue.

I am Anita from the United States. My parents always try to make me a self-dependent person. I used to do my work by myself like cleaning, laundry, gardening and others from my childhood. As I passed my early life in Santa Rita, things like self-defense never come into my mind.

However, time has changed. Now I am a middle-aged woman living in New York City with my little daughter and aged mother. I am not a free bird anymore. I have many responsibilities on my shoulder. Besides, I am happy with that.

Why do I care about self defense for Women?

As you know life always does not go as our plan.

I was passing a monotonous routine life. Early morning wakes up, breakfast with my daughter and mama, and go to the office and coming back to the home at evening with a tired body. Sometimes I had to do night duty and come back to home late night. Really it is so tough to manage time for own.

Still, life was good. Nevertheless, suddenly disaster comes and messed my life.

Lucy, my best friend lived next to my home, has been attacked by some strangers while coming back from her work at midnight. She was brutally injured.

I was shocked and speechless by seeing my best friend in such pain. She was admitted to the hospital for a week.

Very soon after this occurrence one of my female colleagues also been assaulted by some attacker while she coming from the pub late night.

These two incidences scratched a deep nail on my mind and provoked me to think about my security. My life scattered. I could not concentrate on my work. I was feeling helpless at the same time insecure.

I shared my problem with my mom. She told me the story of the wealthy merchant who went for a voyage and caught by a storm. Water started seeping into the ship. All crew tried to save them by somehow.

However, the merchant started praying to GOD and did nothing to save himself. As a result, with the ship, the merchant also went down into the sea.

Self-help is the Best Help.

Ahh, Mom!!! Always have a solution whatever the problem is.

Still, there are some problems. I usually could not manage time for lunch how could I join some self-defence classes.

You cannot believe from whom the solution came from this time.

My ten years daughter told me to search it on net as she did for ordering pizza. My life is impossible without these two lovely women.

I immediately started reading articles on women self-defence. Believe me, I was amazed. So many products were available in the market for women safety, and I never tried to know about them.

We never think about the cure until it bothers us.

Anyway, usually I could not manage time for connecting with the social media but that time the virtual word friends helped me a lot to set up my life again.

I shared my problems also in some girls group and got the huge response. They referred me some excellent products those were useful and easy to carry. They also shared their own experiences with that safety equipment to me. I was really impressed and relieved.

Start Searching Gadgets for personal safety

I personally searched every product they recommended and found some more by the references. Finally, I chose three products for me and placed the order immediately on online that I did not have time to go to market.

Firstly, I choose a Cane, not an ordinary piece. Besides, I hate to carry a Gun. I need a higher voltage cane so that anyone dares to touch it for me. It should have maximum voltage with no legal issues because I do not want to spend on Lawyer.

The product has 150000 volt, which is the maximum legal limit. Rather than using cheap quality batteries, the manufacturer uses NiMH home chargeable batteries. The battery has Air Craft grade best quality Aluminium, which ensures thousands of successful charging.

Astonishingly, the personal security devices work for a longer time

The product is STUN CANE. With this, I feel safe on the road at the late night.

One night, I got the real experience of its working while I was returning from my work at the late hours. A stranger tried to make an aggravated assault. That time I had used my Stun Cane, and he felled down. I have saved myself and become more confident.

Secondly, I chose a pepper spray to save me from street crime. At this time, I had to careful a lot. As like fewer states of the US, the law of New York does not allow most of the Pepper Spray. I was worried as I want a costly product for my personal security but the approved products were cheap in price.

I wanted something for a longer time as incidents did not happen every day and I was not going to buy it regularly. I needed an effective spray from a safe distance. I also needed to know how to use it through a small session.

Why I choose SABRE personal security products?

The product I have chosen gives me all I need at a small price. It is not restricted in New York with a longer shelf life of 4 years and maximum 25 bursts. It is also effective from the 10-foot distance. It gives a small video link, which includes a training session on how to use. Now I know how to use it.

The name of the Pepper spray is SABRE Red Pepper Spray 2-Pack – Police Strength.

I am fortunate.

I do not get a situation to use it until now. Nevertheless, I am confident if I had a situation, it will work for me.

Personal attack alarms For Third level defense

Finally, I chose a personal security alarm and it was my third level security. It is Revoer Personal Safety Wearable. It has customizable options for alarm. I can save five numbers on priority. If I click once it, send the alarm to the first number while in the second press it sends an alarm to all the five.

Why I love the Panic Alarm?

It has easy connecting apps for Android and iOS. It helps to detect me quickly and send help to rescue.

All of these products make me confident about my personal security. Now I can move anywhere without hesitation and can work for late hours at night.

If you are a working woman you can think about all these products, which can ensures personal security for you.

Think yourself and find out the best for you.

Sneak Peak

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