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The Ultimate Guide To Self Defense Classes | Real Review

The Ultimate Guide To Self Defense Classes | Real Review

Do you realize why you need to go for the self-defense classes? You may have the same opinion as mine that as women we have to face many difficulties in life. Sometimes the difficulties start from the early life and end with death. Therefore attending the self-defense classes are vital.

Hello, people-

I am Anita, a single mother of just 39, lives in the New York. I have a little angle of just 10, named Julia. My daughter and I live with my Mama Margaret who is 76. I am working for a large corporate in the United States.

I have to travel a lot throughout the year, leaving my daughter and mama in New York. Mama is not healthy enough to taken care of herself and Julia. My daughter is attending to her Primary School at Fourth Grade in the NY. Sometimes she has to go to the supermarket alone for shopping. A tension has always kept in me for her safety.

I often thought to train her in martial arts, as it might be the best solution for kid’s self-defense. I have also some interest in joining self-defense classes for women. However, the busy life does not allow thinking over it more.

Incident could happen repeatedly!!!!

One incident of my life has changed my thinking and bound me to arrange more time to spend in self-defense training. The incident happened with me while I was in Colombia for my official tour. During site seeing in Bogota, I was committed to an assault.

A drug addict tried to take my bag from me. He had a sharp knife and tried to scare me. I had all of my passport, dollar and other necessary paper in that bag. As I had watched a number of martial arts trick from YouTube. I used all of them.

Fortune favors the brave!!!!

I was fortunate and somehow managed to save my bag as it was a bit populated place. However, I had a cut in my right hand. This was so scary that it took long for me to recover. From that day, I was thinking to have the best martial arts for self-defense. These could be helpful for me, as I have to travel a lot in future.

I also thought about the safety of my kid. Although the New York is a safer place for street crime, we have to careful. Who knows what happened next? In addition, we have to select the proper time for attending the training session.

After returning from Colombia, I had searched for the best martial arts short training on self-defense for me and my kid. I had spent a week on web research and posted on some women forum for help. There was plenty of response on this. As the time was near to the Christmas, they provide some discount on the courses.

I wanted something useful and of course freehand, as carrying any tool is not possible always. I also wanted something that I could practice in the home and got the benefit of exercise. I found a training class near my house. It was about 90min class. After seeing, the trainer was a female, I became more confident.

I had booked a seat for myself. The tricks were awesome, free hand and effective. We had learned a lot from that and it was in evening. Therefore, I had to worry a little about missing office. Moreover, it was a basic course and was free of cost. I thought to take Julia with me but their policy had limited my desire as they only allow after 14 years.

Awesome learning!!!

I learned about some trick and corporal expertise to protect myself in a situation like Bogota. It also made me confident to arm myself from the possible attackers.

Is not it an interesting self defense classes for women!!!?

It is Women’s Self Defense from Vimbly. It focuses on the punching and kicking tricks of martial arts.

After that, I was interested in taking some advanced classes of modern martial arts training. Therefore, I had to join some repeated class on Combat Hapkido, the modern martial art free hand technique.

I had learned about the joint locks and weak points in the human body that gave me superiority on the attackers. It also ensures me a good fitness if I practiced for a while regularly. In addition, I had learned about low kicks trick along with hand strike.

As I have already mentioned, New York is a safer place to live I have not found a suitable place to train my daughter in Martial Arts until she is 14. Therefore, I thought that it would be better to admit her in the gym training for better fitness. Whenever I get some time I will teach the technique to her for a home practice.

However, I was not at all satisfied for Julia.

I wanted to train her with professional trainers, as she is growing older. I wanted to make herself sufficient. However, she was not interested in learning any kind of martial arts. I was a bit worried as I had faced the brutality of the real world but she did not.

Best kids self defense Training

At the meantime, I found Capoeira-Midtown. It was not only a martial art but also a mixer of dance and acrobatics. Before booking for the entire course, I convinced her to attend the free trail with the hope that she could enjoy it.

I was Lucky!!!

She loved it and eager to continue the entire session. After ending her entire session, I felt relieved.

The best martial arts for self defense I have ever learned

By the meantime, I had to stay in British Columbia for three months for an official business. I had plenty of time to do my personal affairs. After being trained in Combat Hapkido became more interested in learning new techniques. I heard about the Krav Maga of Richmond Martial Art School of BC.

After reading their specialty and event from online, I could not stop myself to attend it. It was exact to the real world. I had decided to complete a short course and did it.

I knew Julia was going to love it. Nevertheless, I knew that it should be in NY for her. Again, I had searched for that option near my house.

I exclaimed with Joy!!!

The best school of Krav Maga is just near to my house and Julia could easily go there. It was in KRAV MAGA Institute. I had booked a course for her after discussion. It was a 7-week course and she went in the second age category.

Now, often my daughter and I practice together at our home or park. It also gives us an opportunity to spend quality time together. Moreover, we really love our company. It makes our bond stronger.

Now I feel safe in this world. I do not have to worry about my kid. Both of us can protect our self even when we are alone. We can use our arms and foot as our bodyguard. I can realize how it is important to depend on own rather than others.


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