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Do You Really Need Personal Alarms For The Elderly | Anita’s Story

Do You Really Need Personal Alarms For The Elderly | Anita’s Story

Are you looking personal alarms for the elderly? Do you really want your old parents with you rather than sending them to the old home? Is it believable that an electronic device can do it for you? Let me share my story with you, which might help.

I am Anita from the United States, a 39 years old single mother of an angle of just 10. She is Julia, my daughter. I live with my Mama.

I believe

Mama has the magic to cure our wounds of health and emotion with just a magical kiss. I think most of you agree with me.

Now, she is at her late age of 76. After broken up with Davis, I was alone and came back to my home with Julia, and my daughter was just 1 that time. My Papa and Mama have given me the extreme support so that I recovered soon and join a part time work.

Shock destruct again-

Father died after few times, of my joining. Our world graphed by dark again. I had moved up from the situation, as money became an issue for maintaining a better life. I had started to search for a good job and fortunately, I managed one outside our locality. It was so good in the amount that I did not hesitate twice to join there.

What had happened, I had no idea?

Mama was very shocked from my Papa’s death and her memory stacked there. She caught by anxiety and even could not stand properly on her feet. Within the short time, I had discovered that she was losing her memory. She had started walking at sleep.

We had visited a doctor and he prescribed some medication. However, as it was not possible for me to remind her to take medicine due to my full-time job, she often forgot.

I was very lucky

My daughter did a great work for me by looking after her big mom. After all, she is just a kid. It was quite impossible for her to manage all by her own.

As I told, we had a shift of house; we did not know any neighbor. However, I appoint a daycare giver to her but it was not sufficient.

Most terrific things happened once

You all know, in New York, there are heavy rainfalls during winter. On the night, mom went out in snow. Fortunately, snowfall had stopped but it was very cold. Security people found her on the bench almost collapsed. They took her to the near hospital. She caught by Acute Bronchial Pneumonia. She had to stay there for two weeks.

Those were the worst fourteen of my life. However, by the blessing of God and restless trying by the healthcare giver, she returned from the deathbed.

Why I need a Personal Alarm?

From that day, I had to hesitate to do anything took a long time and cannot perform well in my job as did earlier. After few days, one of my colleagues told me that she read in a family magazine about personal security devices. Those devices have advanced alerting and monitoring features, which might be helpful for my mother Margaret.

I talked to my colleague that I had not such time to visit the shops often to get the best product.

She exclaimed!!!!

Why did not you sit on your PC, ask in some forum and read some reviews for your expectation?

I found it was a great idea I had ever used. I have joined few healthcare forums and posted my query. Those people were helpful and suggested few products. I had also searched the web and saw hundreds of options for me. From the suggestion and research, I had sorted listed three products, which had amazing features.

Personal Alarm System on Medical Emergency

For shortlisting, I have chosen the criteria like auto notification to multiple contacts, monitoring movement, price, users’ opinion on it and other key features.

Without any doubt!!!!!

With a 60 days return plan, the product comes out with a 600-foot straight or a million square foot coverage. 4 phone numbers and the emergency no like 911 can easily set in using the house phone number. Wearing the talk through the set, your senior can go to the bath because it is water resistant and very durable.

You can send him to go for a walk around as it put a good cordless coverage. You can add a radio-detectable device with it at a very low price.

It is the Medical Alert System.

It calls to the number and even the 911 directly rather than using a call center.

The cordless set is a bit bulky so your senior may have some problem to carry it.

Time to move to the second Personal Safety Alarm

The second one of my list is a simple device from where Mama can ask help. It has both single personal alarm system and dual voice communication system. It just uses a SIM card to make a call to the listed numbers.

The interesting thing I observe that it calls the second number if the first one is in the auto-receive mode. It can also put an alert in the 911 if set so. It has loudspeaker, neck or wristband, wireless wall mounts alarm button for easy to press.

This product is Elderly-SOS- the Emergency Alarm for Elderly. It also has the panic button and smoke alarm.

Finally, I took an alarm-sensing mat on my list.

Snowflake Tool 18-in-1 SnowflakeThe product has a bed mat, an alarm, and a pager. The gray floor mat of 24×36 contains a weight sensor. When some weight put on the mat, it sends the pager a signal and the pager then forward a signal to the alarm resides in the other room.

It is very useful to know the movement at the house. You can understand when your senior needs help.

This is Wireless Alarm & Pager with Weight Sensing Floor Mat. It may destruct your sleep if your senior needs repeated support.

All products are good but you have to know the situation for what you want the product. If you think, your elder is able to ask support, the Elderly-SOS is the best for you.

If you want to let your elder go for a walk knowing that he might need a support, the Medical Alert system is the one you could choose.

However, like me, if you face a night walk situation or want to know when your senior needs help, the Wireless Alarm & Pager with Weight Sensing Floor Mat should be the perfect one.

Fall Prevention and Anti-Wandering Floor MatPersonally, I bought two complete packages of Medical Alert System and Wireless Mat Alarm. Mama tries to go outside several times but I went there and helped her.

Now I believe the modern technology can make life easier.


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