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Home Security Tips And Tricks | It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Home Security Tips And Tricks | It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Are you also concerned about the home security like me? After shifting to my new home my only one concern was, secure my home from all aspects. Actually, I am always careful about my personal safety. From my experience point of view, here, I’m sharing some must follow home security tips and tricks.

Usually, I carry pepper spray, as I need to travel at even midnight. I have also learned many tricks to keep myself safe from any unwanted situation.

However, what is about my home?

I have spent my childhood in New York with my parents. I feel quite safe there. Actually, that time things, as Home Security never comes to my mind. I did not need to worry about it. The place was quite.

However, of course, mom always takes care of the basic security system as the alarm system, lock, and others all the time.

I never need to think about the safety of our nest.

The situation is not same anymore. I have shifted to Baltimore with my new job. Everything was new here for me.

New job, new home, new place, new responsibilities all make me restless.

Nevertheless, I was lucky to get the best mentor in my life, my mom.

Mom always guided me how to adapt to the new environment. After some day, I started to feel comfortable here. I have made some new friends also. Life was perfect.

Nevertheless, leaving home alone always keeps me in tension. There is no one with me in my new house, and I feel alone in the home during return.

You might think I am crazy!!!!

Several times, I had to come back from the midway just check the lock of my home. My parents were also tensed about me. Therefore, they gave me the best Christmas gift that winter.

Bruno, my lovely dog, was the most beautiful gift I have ever had. With him, I feel complete and safe. After he coming, I also feel quite confident to leave my home on his responsibility.

Mom used to give me many daily life tips that help me a lot for ensuring the shelter of my place. It is not just about the safety of my home, it is about the peace of my mind.

My living place was a one-story building. Therefore, I need to be more carefully about locking all the doors and windows properly as those are the main access point for the thieves. It is no matter how busy I am, I always check all the doors and windows before leaving home or even at the time of sleeping.

Balcony or Garage doors!!!!

These doors are also important, as they also can be an option for burglars. I always lock them before leaving home.

Mike, my colleague, told me about an interesting trick that he used to make the burglars confused. I also implemented that in my home. I place a light timer at my bedroom, and it automatically turns on whenever I have set the time.

Isn’t it cool!!!

Mom also told me not to leave any message at the door for the Courier Company or laundry about my absence. It can be an open invitation for the burglars.

A strange car was roaming my house!!!

That was my off day. I was in a chilling mood. With a cup of coffee, I went to the balcony. That time I noticed a car in front my home and a stranger was staring at my home. After a while, the car went away. It was a bit awkward, but I did not feel anything that time.

However, at lunchtime, I saw that car again driving away in front my home. That time I feel something strange. Moreover, while I had seen the car came back again within a few moments, I immediately called the police. The car suddenly vanished by hearing the siren of the police car.

Some scary news for me!!!!!

I had to know from the police officers that at some points of the city some burglars robbed several homes. Moreover, they used that type of car I had described. It was like a spine-chilling ghost story for me.

I have passed a sleepless night!!!!

Next morning, I made up my mind for a fresh start. I immediately sat on my PC with my favorite cup of coffee. I started searching and researching how to give the ultimate security to my home.
My best buddy Bruno was with me for the entire time. He was a great support to me.

Perfect home protection tips in home Security

Well, after studying over many tips and tricks I tried to do it systematically by myself.

Step1: Check the doors

In my house, I have one main door, one door for the back yard, two doors for balcony and one door for garage. I have checked them all individually. I had simply knocked on them and tried to understand where they were hollow or solid.

I was lucky enough!??

All the doors were made of solid wood except the door of the back yard. It was made of cardboard. Also, according to the experts, it could be an easy access point for the burglar. I immediately replaced it with a Solid wood core door.

It cuts some dollars from my pocket but I was relieved enough.

My homeowner was smart for Safe home security

I am thankful to her. She has also made the house my keeping many safety issues in her mind. I realized that time. All the windows were far away from the doors, so it was impossible for the burglars to open the doors through the windows.

She also used security hinges for the main door that was helpful to prevent any forceful entry. Well, it will be great if she used this technique for all the entry points but still I was happy with that.

Step2: Reverse Peephole Viewer

Burglars are smart enough now. Therefore, to face them strongly we have to think like them. I had an old type peephole only on my main door.

I installed new peephole for all the main entry points of my home that I can notice any type of unusual movement through them. In that case, I used Reverse Peephole Viewer that any stranger cannot be able to see anything from the backside of the doors using any special tool. I also replaced the old one of the main door.

We have to think one-step forward to prevent unwanted situations.

Step3: Set up Locks

I have read some statistics on burgling, where most of the case happened through an open door. Therefore, ensure locking is very crucial for home security. I have made sure this in two ways-

Set up bolt locking

I have checked for deadbolt locking in the entry doors. All of the doors have bolt locking. I feel grateful to my house owner. However, one thing makes me worried, as two of the bolt locks were poor in quality and the throw bolts were less than 2.5.

I know that the poor quality bolt locks are useless. Therefore, without thinking twice, I have taken immediate action to change them.

It feels quite comfortable in house security.

Again set up a deadlock

Although I set up deadbolt lock, it was not sufficient to secure me when I am inside. As I have already experienced a horrible experience of the stranger with a car, while I was at home. Therefore, I feel the importance to set up a deadlock, and I prefer the one, which has no key.

I searched on online and discuss with some experienced person to pick the right one for me. As I was a new employee that time, I took help from a home security service to install the deadlock for all the doors.

Is not it bright!!!

It is visible from outside. Therefore, the burglar could have to break the door or restrict him for showing interest to my house. This actually makes me save inside while I am in the home.

Today I know I am very safe inside my house and will get enough time call 911. Now I can say this is my house and I do not have to worry about my safety inside it.

Step 4: Ensuring security for sliding door

Personally, I see that ensuring the security of sliding door is a bit more challenging. If it has a built-in lock, it is easier to provide the security.

Thank God!!!!!

There is no sliding entry door in my house. However, I have one inside my house, which separates the drawing room and dining. Therefore, I have to worry a little. It also has built-in lock system.

However, I have found two different system of locking the sliding door. While one ensures locking at the top and bottom, the other puts a single lock between the doors, which restricts the sliding.

Step 5: Replacement of Flimsy Strike Plate

Strike plates are the piece of metal, which successfully surround the lock. I have checked the strike plate of the old locks for their physical status. I think if there is any flimsy plate, I will make a replace. However, I found all in good condition.

I have saved thanks for my home property owner

She uses the best lockset, which has SS strike plates, and they were in good condition even after years. Therefore, I do not need to change the strike plate.

Step 6: Ensure the outside hinges

I have found that my home proprietor put the hinges on the door except for two points. Unfortunately, these are in the backyard.

Ensuring Household Security

Therefore, I was a bit worried and with her concern, I readjust few bolts. I put three non-removable pins for each. Moreover, I have replaced the other pins with the larger depth of around 6 cm.

Therefore, I have no worry about its breaking from the outside.

Step 7: Strengthen the frame

Like the usual, my house door molds are also simple. A strong kick or crowbar can is sufficient to remove it from the all. Burglars are so clever, strong and can do it easily.

Maybe I am wrong about residential security!!!!!

However, as it related to my security, I am not at all comfortable. Therefore, I set up doorstop for supporting the door and put 6 cm screw with it.

After completing these entire events, I feel myself completely secure in my house.

The surprise is waiting for me??!!!!

By this time while I completed the security checking, Mama came to my house in Baltimore from New York. Later I have understood her purpose of visit. She came to scrutinize the security. She was very glad to see all these things.

Mama knows everything!!!

Although it was simple, I had forgotten to put a home security alarm and Mama showed it to me. Together we select an efficient alarm system from the online shop after reading the reviews of customers and contacting with the agent.

Mama gave the nicest Home Security Recommendations

I put that inside my house and each entry doorway. If any burglar tries to break the door, it will send an alert to me and 911 through the call center.

Is not it amazing???

As I have to travel a lot for my job, Mama and I have picked four-auto timer light. This time those are not for inside. We have taken them for outside backyard and front side. The lights turn on automatically at the evening in their pre-scheduled time.

Perfect Home Security Tips

Although Mama was very happy and felt comfortable with the entire home security system, she said some tricks for me. I can still remember that day while Mama and I talked together sitting on the chair on the lawn. I find those were effective advice, which was –

Do not throw the carton of the newly bought home appliance in your garbage. The appliance could be your PC or Plasma TV. This unconscious throwing may be a call to the common thief.

If you get an unwanted security provider call, tell him confidently you have a complete security system integrated with the 911-security alarm. As telemarketer is an information source of the burglar.

 Rely on reputed home security provider.

Request your neighbor to collect the newspaper or mail if you go to a vacation

After that day, Mama left for NY. However, her advice along with the entire security adoption, there was no incidence in my house until now.

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