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Smart Three Layer Home Security System | DIY Top Class Security

Smart three layer home security system | DIY top class security


Is it wise to leave your home alone in the midday or at night? You must agree with me, it’s really tough but have to do it frequently. Home Security System is a very important thing to follow.

Hi, this is Mr. Fox, and I am telling you a true event from my life. I live in an urban area of the United States. Like you all, I also like to live my life freely, love to gossip with the friend for hours and come home late.

However, one day a serious incident had forced to open my eyes and I became a bit worried about my home security. A burglar took all the things from a neighbor’s house of mine in the midday.

I was stumbled!

I just cannot concentrate on my work thinking my home alone. By the way I am not an engineer or a home security expert who can secure the home all the time. One of my coworkers had noticed my in mindfulness and asked me what happened.

With a feel of insecurity, I told him the event and shared my feeling about my home.

It was fortunate?!!!

He had worked for a security agency earlier in the city. Although he was not an expert, he shared some ideas about the modern home security system. He suggested me to spend few hours on internet research.

Fear kills me!

I cannot wait so long to return my house. I sat on the PC and start searching Modern and Smart Home Security Systems.

Three layer Home Security

I have considered my home security in three ways as per my knowledge. These are outside entry point and inside the home. I want to make my home secure in the entire steps. I have prioritized the entry point for securing my lovely home.

Therefore, I was thinking to have the best locking system. I have found and read about hundreds of products online. Most of them were conventional. I also get few of the products, which were good, but the price was unusually high.

I am searching a product that is cost effective. However, I expect it should have something special to unlock. As my area always has a lower temperature, it should be water and snow resistant.

I also need something cool looking and not a giant. This should inform me any unwanted activity to unlock it.

I saw many modern locking devices but they were not according to my standard. Suddenly, a modern and smart locking device caught my attention.

It was a great looking lock but the outcome is awesome. It has the bio-metric access control. moreover, it is not a giant lock but has steel in construct, which provides ultimate resistant strength for braking. Without any hesitation, I bought two pairs of it.

One day, a stranger had tried to break the lock of my home. The lock had sent an alert to me with its 4.1 Bluetooth. It was impressive and I have saved my home from burgled. I put the lock on my door in rain or snow without any hesitation, as it is water resistant.

Curious to know what is this product!!!!??

It is the TAPP LOCK

The most interesting thing about Tapp Lock is that I can operate it from my Smartphone. I also love it access customization feature. Now I do not need to worry about the key. Inbuilt lithium-ion battery limits my hassle of charging it and the charge can retain up to three years.


However, things are not sweet always. Although I have not faced any difficulty, one of my friend who bought it, found a problem in Bluetooth alarm system and claimed repair.

I have found this very effective for my home security.

After securing the entry with Tapp Lock, I have concentrated on the outside. Video devices are very common today for outside security. However, the burglars are also familiar with these. Moreover, like Hollywood movies, they are wise enough to deactivate it.

Therefore, I want something small, effective and easy ignorable to ensure my home security from outside. Is not it great, my doorbell do it for me?

My idea was same and I wanted a doorbell did the same thing for me. I need an all in one system. I expect the doorbell will provide my attendance to the stranger while I am not in the home. And I also need it capture the image of the suspicious activity in front of my door. Moreover, I also want the advanced device in a simpler form.

I got an extraordinary device looked simple as a doorbell with many features for tracking outside my home.

Let me tell you an interesting event after buying this product –

One night a stranger came to my house. He tried to open my door. Suddenly, the lights turned on. He became afraid and went away.
On another day, there was a suspicious activity in front of my door. He tried to open my door. I had got a video alarm from my WiFi-enabled doorbell and confirmed him my presence. Actually, I was even outside the country.

Is not it great?

I have saved my home from outside. I was impressed and enjoyed my rest of the tour without being worried.

Are you eagerly waiting to know the name, which assures the security for me?

It is the WiFi enabled SkyBell.

Finally, I want to secure my home from inside. I want to know who ins and outs in my absence. And I did not want a CC TV inside my home. I did not have that much time to look after it all the time. In addition, it is not wise to pay a security guard all the time. I need something very small to look after inside. From tons of products, the cutest All Be One caught my attention.


This special product, you can consider as your personal tracker. It has used infrared technology to deliver security alert to your home. It is able to track almost everything even at night due to its night vision sensor. With this, I wanted to secure the inside of my home.

However, really it works!!??

I had some doubt about its sensory feature, which included UV, Temperature, Ambient Light and PIR etc. Therefore, I have tested it by myself. I have not put the sensory access to my girlfriend in my house. After that, I said her to get in while I was on the lawn. Moreover, I got a security alert.

It is really amazing!!! It works

I want an inside security but AllBe1 gives me a complete personal security within a very low price.

With these modern and smart security systems, I can now live in peace. I do not have to worry about my home security anymore. These products are now there for taking care of my lovely home. I am now confident in gossiping and work.

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