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Gun Safe Installation | Best Way To Install A Gun Safe

Gun Safe Installation | Best Way to Install a Gun Safe

You have the guns as well as gun safes for the protection you require. But you have installed it in such an inconvenient way that the whole protection collapsed.

We never Expect that!!


Whether the company makes the installation for you or you do it, both need a bunch of knowledge and information to follow.


I know, even thinking about a gun safe installation is a terrible one. The installation tends to create the safety or protection more or less intense. So consider a lot of things during the installation of the safe.



How to Install a Gun Safe

Let’s go through some guides and systems to help you gun safe installation even with the help of the manufacturer.


1) Best Place to Put a Safe in Your House

This is the very first requirement to install the safe, the place. Yes, you have to find the most inconvenient way for the thieves and fire to reach the safe. If this is convenient then you lose all the points of the protection.

  • Some factors like the environment, climate, and humidity are very important. It occurs because the safe may have defects if available situations are not preferable to the safes. If you wonder about where to put a gun safe in your house, let me help you in this regard.
  • It would be good to find a concrete floor to choose from. It fells in the basement. But it is full of humidity, so if the safe has a dehumidifier or basement has the dehumidifier option then it is the best.
  • You may install it in the bedroom, closets because these places somewhat are less convenient for the guests or fire to reach.
  • Finally, you may store the safe in the room on the first floor of your house.


2) Find a Smooth Path Way to Move the Safe


You have to take care of all the variables to clear the path to make the blank space to install the safe


  • Dissemble the Safe

    Remove every part of the safe or disassemble it to have free entry to the house. Remember to move away all the persons and materials to have the proper space. The door of the long gun safe includes a major portion of the weight. So try to remove the door before getting in.


  • Have the Proper Tools

    You would need some tools like ladders or dolly. Try to hire a heavy moving dolly that can bear the weight of the safe. It will make your task easy to get the parts of the safe in.


  • Cushion the Floor

    To save the floor from damage by the heavyweight dolly, cover it with the plywood. Otherwise, the floor can be damaged with tremendous pressure whatever the types of the floor.


3) Check the Capability of the Floor to Take the Burden

You have to check the floor if it is capable to take the load. This depends in various ways.


  • The Loading Criteria of Floor

    There are two types of weight stats like live load and dead load. Live load is restricted more than the dead load. Because live lock means moving criteria like people, pets, etc. Luckily the weight of a gun safe is deadlock.


  • Place of Installment

    You have to consider the weight depending on where to install it. If that is on the upper floor then the weight should not be more than 1000 Ibs. But still, if you want to purchase this with more weight, you have to discuss with the experts. They can help you with the proper capable size, space and materials too.


  • The surface of the Floor

    You have to rely on a harder surface to install your safe. The harder and concrete floor works best to make it durable. The floor also can save itself from damage. Experts do not recommend installing a gun safe on a carpet  as  you may see the damage of the carpets.


4) Remove the Safe from the Shipping Bunk

Try to remove the safe from the bunk in a much-secured way so that no damage can happen. Putting it on the dolly is the scary task if the weight is too high. Check the door to be closed during the movement because it may damage the door.


5) Level the Gun Safe Perfectly

Leveling gun safe is a more important way to work with the locks and bolts.

If the safe is not installed in equal level the internal locks may get messy. Both the locks and bolts may be at a wrong position and stuck out.

For the wrong alignment, the doors may open or shut on its own. This may tend to extreme havoc that may hurt you. You may see strains on the safe if the problem occurs for installing in the wrong level.

6) Anchor the Gun Safe Properly

It’s good to anchor or bolt down the safe in different places like a concrete wall, floor, and others. This can help to attach the safe strongly in the level that it uses. Try to bolt down all the four sides being with the level. You may use 1/2″ bolt to have the safe attached properly.


  • Concrete Safe Anchoring

    For the safety of the gun safe and floor, the concrete slab is the best for using for installation. As you have to drill the floor deeply and largely, make sure the point of the concrete is affordable to get drilling.


    You have to borrow a hammer drill to do the task or you may have the work done by professionals. There are some points on the floor that “do not drill” or “post tensioned slab”. Check these points and never drill in those points even forgetfully. For every single task, you need to have perfect tools.


    There are two types of concrete anchors-


  • Male Anchors

    Installation with a male concrete anchor is an easy task. It can be installed directly from the internal side of the safe without moving it.


    The problem occurs when you have to remove the safe or the anchor bolts. It is not made to change or remove. So you have to face a lot of problems during moving the safe or removing the bolts.


    But you can make the movement possible if you take care of several things like:


    • Make a deep hole in the floor by drilling deep inside. Then you can beat down the bolt deeper in the concrete floor.
    • You may cut the beam of the upper portion of the floor. Then you may have to drill it much deeper inside as the beam is heavier than the concrete.
    • Put a nut at the ending point of anchor bolt if you do the task with the beams. And never hit the beam with a hammer. It creates extreme damage to the beam of the house.


  • Female Anchors

    Female anchors are slightly difficult to bolt down the concrete. You cannot install the gun safes directly in the place. You can also move the safe easily after installing.


Male & Female Anchor Comparison

Female AnchorMale Anchor
Not so easyEasy Installation
Can move the safe any time without problems
Moving the safe is difficult.
A shield is needed to install
No shield is needed to install.
Make the whole more deeperNo need to make deeper hole.
Cutting of beam is not the right way to install the female anchors.You may install by cutting the beam slightly

  • Wood Framed Safe Anchoring

    When it comes to the matter of anchoring in the wood frame you have to drill to the floor stud and underneath the floor. Installing the bolts on just plying woods will be much weaker then.


    The bolts that help to joist the safe to the floor are lag bolt which is half-inch or larger. It has six heads to install firmly on the floor.


    You will need to drill a pilot hole which makes the screw easier to drill without the risk of cracking parts of the wood. You may apply some oil to help the screw pass easily.


  • Wall Safe Anchoring

    Another option to bolt the safe is on the wall. But bolting in the wall for all the safes may not be in straight ways. So it may happen that bolting on the wall may cause complexities in installing and working out of the safe. It also reduces the fire rating for the angle it is fixed on.


    So the matter of fact that, you may use this option when the safe is fit for the wall attachment or you have trouble to bolt it on the floor.


    Another problem is that it may cause damage in the wall as the drywall is weak to take the burden of the safe with 4 bolts and strong tools. As the floor is of hard material so the floor stays out from any of the disputes like this. So experts recommend the bolting down on the floor as it is the best option. Only if you have some problems in anchoring the safe on the floor then use the wall.


    All of these are the steps of installing a gun safe. Now let’s get you introduced with some tips.


    Worst Place to Put a Safe in Your House

    There are some places where you should never install the safe. The USA is popular for its high moisturized tendency. So humidity is a big phenomenon in terms of caring the safe.

      • For Gun safe installation we tend to depend on the climate of the area. If the humidity and moisture are not controlled in a particular area then it is not the perfect place to keep safe. Let’s know about the places where the gun safe should not be put.


      • Some basements are out of climate control so try to avoid the place to keep your gun safe from damage.


      • In hot days the upper floor becomes full of high temperature so you should avoid the place too.


      • Living room, dining room, kitchen are the outermost and easily accessible to people. So, avoid these places.


      • Areas, where the fireplaces, micro-oven, grill or stoves are fixed, are not worthy to fix the gun safe.


      • The garage is not the good place it is prone to less climate control and more theft activities. The doors of the garage are relatively easy to break in and gun safe in garage is not the proper way.


    Where to Put a Gun Safe in Your House


    • Bed Room

      A bedroom is the best place to keep your safe with a secure way as the entry to the bedroom is restricted most of the time. You may put the safe by your bed side or on the outer walls in between the windows and stories.


    • Basement

      The basement is less accessible to the burglars and the thieves. You may fix the gun safe in basement by covering the four sides of the safe and thus it gets extreme protection. And in the basement, the installation is also good as you can carry the safe with the pry tools easily and with less effort.


    • Closets

      You can choose the closets of long cloths to bolt down the gun safe. The safe is automatically covered with the four sides to the walls of the closets. You can get the highest protection from the closet if it is in the most inconvenient and environmentally controlled.


    Final Thought


    So what are you thinking about the installation process? I know it is a quite scary calculation. But don’t worry, we have covered all the areas of the process and the positive & negative points that you may need to take the decision and the work plan.


    Choose the location to which you prefer the space with the gun safe with the most safeguarding option. The options fall on like spaces, areas, climate, accessibility, etc. But always try to look thoroughly so that the good options overweigh the worse points.

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