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The Truth About Personal Security Devices | Real Life Story

The Truth About Personal Security Devices | Real Life Story

Top Best Personal Security Devices to Ensure Your Safety


Walk and pray could not be a solution when an alien behind you. Keeping security devices can always be a solution and helpful for getting higher confidence. Do you think I am right? I think you should have no argument on that issue. You should be very careful while picking the best personal security devices for yourself.


I think it is a must for every individual to keep along with him since there are so many unexpected incidents around us that shake us to our very core. I was also not so much tensed about my personal security before. But I had to change my mindset about it for the better. Now I am more concerned than ever about my personal security.


I am Anita from the United States. My parents always try to make me a self-dependent person. I used to do my work by myself like cleaning, laundry, gardening, and others from my childhood. As I passed my early life in Santa Rita, things like self-defense never came into my mind. I always had the idea that my locality is safe for people to live there, especially for the girls.


However, the time has changed. Now I am a middle-aged woman living in New York City with my little daughter and aged mother. I am not a free bird anymore. I have many responsibilities on my shoulder. Besides, I am happy with that. Being a mother I am genuinely conscious regarding the security of my daughter, and myself.


I try to make sure we all are safe from unexpected events of life. I have reasons to do so. Security is a crucial thing for girls, after being a mother of a girl child I can clearly understand that.


Why Do I Care About Self Defense For Women?

As you know life always does not go as our plan. It keeps changing sometimes with just a blink of an eye.


I was passing a monotonous routine life. I woke up early in the morning, had breakfast with my daughter and mama, and after that, I went to the office and came back home in the evening with a very tired body and mind. Sometimes I had to do night duty and come back home late at night. Really it is so tough to manage time for my own self. Even if I want to have time for my family and me.


Still, life was good. Since I had the support of my family. Still, I get tremendous support from them for balancing my work and personal life. I am really blessed with that.


Nevertheless, suddenly disaster came and messed up my life. That changed all the perspectives I had regarding the personal security of an individual and all the faith I had was completely in question. I suddenly realized where we are living it is not a safe haven that we think it is.


Lucy, my best friend lived next to my home, had been attacked by some strangers while coming back from her work at midnight. She was brutally injured. She cried out for help but there was no one on the road as it was late at night. There was no police or anyone. She was lucky that she got out of that situation, that’s what some people had said!


Really? Was it enough to be grateful about? She should not have been attacked in the first place. How can you expect and accept such an occurrence in a city like New York?


I was shocked and speechless by seeing my best friend in such pain. She was admitted to the hospital for a week. I even didn’t find any word to console her. It was so much brutal and totally unacceptable. So I met with her, spent some time then left. My heart was overwhelmed with anger and grief at that time. I didn’t want her to see this.


Very soon after this occurrence one of my female colleagues was also assaulted by some attacker while she was coming from the pub late at night. I was shaken from my very core just knowing that.


These two incidences scratched a deep nail on my mind and provoked me to think about my security. My life shattered. I could not concentrate on my work. I was feeling helpless at the same time very insecure of my surroundings. I didn’t know what to do at such a crucial time.


I shared my problem with my mom. As from my childhood I always felt very secure while sharing my deepest fear with her. After sharing that recent fear of mine I felt very relieved and she totally understood my point. Then, she told me the story of the wealthy merchant who went for a voyage and caught by a storm. Water started seeping into the ship. All crew tried to save them somehow. But they didn’t find a way out.


However, the merchant started praying to GOD to save all of them but he did nothing to save themselves. As a result of that, with the ship, the merchant also went down into the sea. I suddenly understood what she meant by this metaphor. I was doing exactly the same as the merchant. The merchant was praying to God whereas he had the authority to take the decision of saving people’s lives with his witty decision. He didn’t even try to save those poor souls and his life as well!


I have to take charge of my own and my family’s safety before anyone else. I can not entirely depend on the security forces and anyone else for ensuring my safety.


Self-Help Is The Best Help

Ahh, Mom!!! Always have a solution whatever the problem is. What would I do without her!

Still, there were some problems. I usually could not manage time for lunch at that time, then how could I join some self-defense classes. This seemed almost impossible for me. I wasn’t getting a way out for that.


You cannot believe from whom the solution came from this time.


My ten years old daughter told me to search about it on the net as she did for ordering pizza. My life is impossible without these two brilliant lovely women.


I immediately started reading articles on women’s self-defense. Believe me, I was elated after knowing all of these. So many products were available in the market for women’s safety, and I never thought It is important to know about them.


We never think about the cure until it bothers us. I think it is always better to be late than never.


Anyway, I usually could not manage time for connecting with social media but that time the virtual world friends helped me a lot to set up my life again. As there are so many helpful and kind people to provide you with the right information available on the internet.


I shared my problems also in some girl’s groups and got a huge response. They referred me with some excellent products and services that were useful and easy to carry. They also shared their own experiences with that safety equipment to me. I was really impressed and relieved to know that so many people are dealing with the same sort of problem I was facing at that time.


Start Searching Gadgets For Personal Safety

I personally searched for every product they recommended and found some more by the references. Finally, I chose three products for me and placed the order immediately online that I did not have time to go to market.


Firstly, I choose a Cane, not an ordinary piece. Besides, I hate to carry a Gun. I need a higher voltage cane so that anyone dares to touch it for me. It should have maximum voltage with no legal issues because I do not want to spend my money on Lawyer. So I researched crucially about it.


The product has 150000 volt, which is the maximum legal limit. Rather than using cheap quality batteries, the manufacturer uses NiMH home chargeable batteries. The battery has AirCraft grade best quality Aluminium, which ensures thousands of successful charging.


I think it was a really good decision of mine to have it for ensuring my personal security.


Astonishingly, The Personal Security Devices Work For A Longer Time

The product is STUN CANE. With this, I feel safe on the road late at night. It is a kind of psychological relief knowing that now I am not empty-handed I can fight for protecting myself from the attackers to some extent if any such thing happens. But I hoped such a thing not to happen with me of course.


But nothing happens according to our plan as we all know it. I also had to witness such an event. Luckily, I didn’t become the victim this time because of STUN CANE, I survived!


One night, I got the real experience of its working, while I was returning from my work at the late hours. A stranger tried to make an aggravated assault. That time I had used my Stun Cane, and he fell down immediately. Thus, I saved myself and became more confident about using this tool at the time of need.


Secondly, I chose a pepper spray to save me from street crime. At this time, I had to be careful a lot. Like fewer states of the US, the law of New York does not allow most of the Pepper Spray. I was worried as I want a costly product for my personal security but the approved products were cheap in price.


I wanted something for a longer time as incidents did not happen every day and I was not going to buy it regularly. I needed an effective spray from a safe distance. I also needed to know how to use it through a small session.


Why I Choose POLICE MAGNUM Pepper Spray Police Strength Self Defense Product?

The product I have chosen gives me all I need at a small price. It is not restricted in New York. It is also effective from the 10-foot distance. It has so many video sessions from the manufacturer, which includes a training session on how to use it. I have seen all these videos very carefully from the beginning to the end. Now I know how to use it.


The name of the Pepper spray is POLICE MAGNUM Pepper Spray Police Strength Self Defense. It is a very much recommended pepper spray from the already users.


I am fortunate.


I haven’t yet had a situation to use it until now. Nevertheless, I am very much confident if I had a situation to use it in my favor, it will work for me.


Personal Attack Alarms For Third Level Defense

Finally, I chose a personal security alarm and it was my third level security. It is Revolar Classic Personal Safety Wearable. It has customizable options for alarm. I can save five numbers on priority. If I click once it, send the alarm to the first number while in the second press it sends an alarm to all the five.


Why I Love The Security Alarm?

It has easy connecting apps for Android and iOS. It helps to detect me quickly and send help to rescue.


All of these products make me confident about my personal security. Now I can move anywhere without hesitation and can work for late hours at night. I know it can not ensure my personal safety entirely but this is the least I can do for me for ensuring my safety. It is always better to be equipped with this stuff than being totally armless.


If you are a working woman you can think about all these products, which can ensure personal security for you.


You should always think about yourself and your family find out the best one for you to stay secure. Prevention is always better than cure.


So, enough sharing of my personal experience of finally understanding the need for ensuring my own safety in the best possible way. If you want to be a victim and always ready to blame someone else for it then thinking about these issues may not seem appealing to you. But if you are someone who is responsible, always ready to take charge of any occurrence actively then this is for you.


Apart from these 3 safety tools that I bought for myself primarily, there are other products as well that you must consider. I have picked some of the best personal security devices for you that I think you should definitely check out. Even if you don’t pick these devices, you will certainly have the idea to identify what fits your purpose best.


Top Best Personal Security Devices to Ensure Your Safety

There are so many devices available on the market that can help you to feel secure in every possible way. Consider the recent scenario around the world it has become the basic need for every human being living in such challenging times.


There are so many political propaganda, war, deterioration of the quality of the security system, rising poverty, inappropriate distribution of wealth, biased and not so functional judiciary system, and so many things that have made us this much insecure.


All these are having a great impact in the life of common people like us. We are suffering on a day to day basis. We feel unsafe. Our lives and properties are now at stake. For saving or protecting ourselves from sudden attacks from desperate attackers we need to choose the best personal security devices so that we might have the ability to fight back them if needed.


There are so many types of personal security devices available. Each of them serves different purposes. Here we will have a deeper look at these types and we will see what is the best device of that particular type of security device.


1. The Stun Gun

As I have already mentioned I own a stun gun. So far till now, this is serving me really well. The Stun gun is basically a personal weapon for self-defense which might not seem the perfect personal security device for everyone. But it can serve you well if you are physically attacked by someone, then it can make the attacker immobile for a while by a non-lethal electric shock. Before using it make sure that your state or city doesn’t prohibit the use of Stun Gun. So far now, use of is prohibited in 4 states Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. It should be handled properly by an adult even if there are no restrictions on using it.


Since I am already using one of it and got a pretty good result by using it I would recommend STUN CANE for you as well.


This ARC Angle STUN CANE works really well. This STUN CANE provides you with everything that it commits to you. It is very easy to use and the charge stays for a long time. There are other cheap gears than this one as well in the market. But it is better to spend some extra on this one to secure your personal safety by buying this one. I now think it was one of my best investments in life so far. This is made in the USA and it ensures top-notch quality while ensuring the quality of the product.


It comes with an in-depth instruction that is very simple to understand and very easy to follow everything written in it. The customer support is also there for you to help you out with everything. On top of that, it brings a guarantee and warranty both on the table of a user.



  • This STUN CANE protects you and your pet from the sudden attackers.
  • It is activated manually.
  • It comes with a very easy to hold handle.
  • You don’t need a license to hold it like a gun.
  • It is very safe to use.
  • It is very easy to hold.
  • It delivers 1.5 million volts when self-defense is needed.
  • Maximum shock extent like 1.5 million volts is safe.
  • It has a Fully Rechargeable NiMH Battery System along with Home Charging Unit Foreign Plug Converter.
  • It is effective during any weather.
  • It comes with a warranty and a guarantee.
  • Customer support is available.
  • It increases the user’s confidence.



  • The price may seem way too much to some.


2. The Pepper Spray

If you are a working woman like me and constantly on the go, then just like me carrying a pepper spray can be a great solution to stay safe. Some may find it a bit old fashioned, but it still works perfectly. So you just can’t count it as obsolete yet. So many people still choose it as the best tool to escape unpleasant situations.


Just the way I said earlier, I haven’t used mine yet. I am pretty sure when the time comes it will serve me absolutely perfectly. It has the ability to disarm the attacker if you spray it to him perfectly targeting his eyes.


You have to be careful while using it as well. Make sure you don’t violate any of the rules of your state by using it. I was pretty sure before carrying it that I am not going to violate any of the rules of my state. I mean it is a must to have for the safety of a woman, right? There are times you gotta stand by yourself, you have no other option other than that.


As I am already using a pepper spray for years. I am going to recommend this one to you as well. The one I am using is POLICE MAGNUM Pepper Spray Police Strength Self Defense. So far it is really serving me really well.


I haven’t yet tried it yet on anyone but out of curiosity once I wanted to be sure if it works well. Just after having this thinking I sprayed some of it in my sink. Then I got closer to it but yet I maintained a distance of around two feet. Then I sniffed. Immediately I felt very uncomfortable. I was having irritation in my skin and eyes. My nose was running and I coughed non-stop! All my family members rushed to the kitchen to check if I was okay. They got really upset after knowing about my activities.


It was a painful experience but I became sure of this product. This would definitely stop any man to do any mischievous act, no matter how strong they are. I just have to be very tricky while applying it to them.



  • This POLICE MAGNUM Pepper Spray Police Strength Self Defense provides instant protection to the users from the attacker.
  • You don’t have to spray it accurately every time to make it work.
  • Even if it touches the skin of the attacker it would create some serious harm for a while.
  • It will not have any accidental discharge. This spray comes with a red safety button. When you slide it to the left it is on safety mode. At this stage, you can not fire or misfire.
  • It is very easy to carry.
  • It is very small and compact.
  • It costs you a little.
  • It causes no permanent injury and totally non-toxic.



  • The size is comparatively really small.


3. Smart Jewelry

This is stylish jewelry with so many safety functionalities. It is another personal security device that can blend both fashion and safety personalities. There are so many brands that are offering such jewelry for the safety of women. Among these brands, invisawear is a very popular one.


The smart jewelry that I would recommend you to have from them is invisawear Smart Jewelry – Personal Safety Device – Silver Eiffel Tower Necklace. This necklace is perfectly built to protect your life.


personally haven’t used it yet. But I have seen a close friend of mine using it. After knowing all the things that are good about this jewelry I decided to buy it for my daughter to ensure her security on the way to her school as well. So far this is serving us quite well. My daughter seems to like it too. So we both are naturally happy about it.


The jewelry Invisawear offers are so attractive and good looking that most of the people will like it dearly. And they will end up buying it for them and their other family members mostly because it has the ability to instantly alert friends, family, and police at the time of any emergency.


You can wear this charm in many ways. It is a versatile charm regarding this. It is built with amazing technology that is small and stylish. You can wear it in various ways like a choker, bracelet, necklace, and a keychain. You can even attach it with your purse. It can easily blend with any major type of jewelry brand.


For my daughter, I have attached it in a way that is not much visible but easily accessible to her. It is clipped with his bag so that it doesn’t get much notice but she can use it whenever she feels the need for it.


Now, whenever my daughter is on her own I have faith that I’ll be able to know if there is any danger around her. Even she says she is not scared of walking alone now like before. As a mother, this is a great relief for me.


This device has an app where you can set up all emergency contacts and it will let them know your location if there is any chance of danger or you are being attacked in any way. Such a cool technology in today’s time, right?



  • The charm is very good looking and small.
  • You can wear it with any branded jewelry.
  • It has the ability to save your life.
  • This is built by using very smart technologies.
  • With the app of this charm, you can pick an emergency contact.
  • Just when you double press the back of the charm it sends your all emergency contact a message and your GPS location. They will immediately know that you are in need of help.
  • It uses Bluetooth low energy.
  • It works with a free app and it is very easy to set up this app.
  • The app also offers free and optional 911 feature. So you will be able to inform the security forces about your condition.
  • No charge is required.
  • The battery lasts up to 1 year or even more according to the usage of it. After a battery is gone you will be able to easily replace it with a discounted price
  • There are no disturbing monthly or annual subscription fees.
  • There are 30 days of satisfaction guarantee available within this time if you don’t like the product you can get your money back.
  • It also comes with a one year warranty.



  • The cover of the range is not much higher as it needs to be.


4. Personal Emergency Alarm

The personal emergency alarm is another personal security device that you must consider. There might be some dangerous situations in your life when you will not be able to scream or call anyone. I hope such an incident never occurs in our life. But if things go wrong it is always better if you have enough preparation for it.


If you become a victim of an unavoidable incident then with just one click of an alarm you can alarm everyone that you are in danger. People nearby will be able to notice your situation or follow the sound to locate you. So this alarm will be of great help for seeking urgent help from the people nearby.


Again most of the emergency alarm has illuminating light that can make it easy to locate where you are so that people can find you easily. You can attach this alarm with your pants or bags wherever you find it comfortable enough. Just make sure this is easily reachable for you in the time of need.


As the best security alarm, my pick is TAIKER Personal Alarm that I gave to my mom last year. Ever since then, she carries it with herself wherever she goes. Even if she lives in another city from mine, it gives me peace thinking that it will help her whenever she needs it. Though I always pray that there will never be any reason to use it for her. But who knows what the future might bring for all of us?


This alarm has got the perfect decibel sound that an alarm requires to inform people about the danger. My mom is a very health-conscious woman, she wakes up very early in the morning for a walk. This is the time that scares me the most thinking about her security. So for that, I picked this amazing security alarm especially built for the women.


It has a very impactful sound and I am sure no one can ignore it once someone hears the sound. It will perfectly give you that chilling feeling of an emergency. Very handy little product that you can carry along with you very easily and make it accessible in the time of need.


The flashlight that it brings s with it is also very fine to serve the purpose. It is a great product to gift your loved ones also it ensures their security in a great way. You can buy it in a 5 quantity bundle to get the best value from it. The price is also very reasonable considering the value it brings on your table.


It can prove to be an amazing security device in your collection.



  • The security alarm is extremely loud. It has 140DB loud sound. So this self-defense alarm can make a loud sound that will get the attention of the people who are really far away from the place of the incident.
  • This security alarm also brings LED light with it.
  • LED light makes it easier to work in the darkness or even let others locate you in the incident if something bad happens. It is suitable for night walking, running, hiking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
  • This security alarm is very small and portable. So you can carry it with you just like your keychain without any hurdles. It suits perfectly for students, the elderly, women, night workers and so on.
  • This security alarm is very easy to use. The alarm gets activated when you pull the contact pinout and it will make the siren non-stop for 30 minutes very loudly unless you reinsert the pin inside the alarm.
  • The TAIKER Personal Alarm is made with environmental and durable ABS materials.
  • It is very resistant to fall.
  • It has very supportive customer service facilities.
  • The option of replacement available if there is any fault found after shipment.



  • The instruction manual is not adequate for some of the users.


5. Scarf with Hidden Zip Pocket

Sometimes we have to move with valuable stuff. So some stalkers may get the prior information about it will try to attack us just to take it away from us.


I know something relating to it a real-life incident of my colleague. She needed some cash to pay the rent of her apartment. She is a single mom so she has to do all of her works on her own. So to pay the rent and to get the cash she went to the ATM booth after our work. She thought she would give that money to her owner that night. She didn’t have any idea what was going to happen with her after a while.


There was a stranger who was following her from office. He saw her going to the ATM booth and withdrawing the money. Then he kept following her on her way back home. She didn’t take a taxi as her home wasn’t very far. Then she came to a road where there were not many people available, then that stranger attacked her to take the money. Which she kept to her bag.


He took the bag pushed her on the ground and ran away. She got some injuries but luckily those were not very serious. She got really scared but later she got really lucky as the police got the bag and gave her the money by seeing her employee ID card in the bag. Since then she understood she kept the money in an obvious place like her bag. That was a mistake.


There are so many ways to hide your valuable belongings like a scarf with a hidden zip pocket. My colleague got herself one after that day. It is Solid Infinity Polyester Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket, it keeps her belongings safe and people can hardly think that something can be kept in there.


This scarf can secure your credit card, phones, cash, tickets, wallet, and other small personal items. This scarf is available in 6 colors, among all the colors you can pick the one that suits you the best. I have seen the scarf of my colleague, it is a perfect choice to deceive the people about your valuable belongings.


Even I am thinking about having this one for my personal use. I think it will be very handy in need when I have no other option and I’ll have to carry valuable stuff with me while being on the road.



    • It has a small zipper pocket to hold cash, credit card, and other personal items.
    • This infinity scarf is 8 inches wide by 72 inches circumference.
    • It is made of polyester.
    • It comes with many colors.
    • You can hold much valuable stuff that lets you ditch a purse or bag.
    • The fabric is very soft and comfortable.
    • The scarf is very long that will not let you feel strangled.
    • The hidden zipper is truly hidden. Sometimes it really gets very difficult to find it.



      • It has a very small pocket and will not seem adequate for some people.
      • Not perfect for keeping so much stuff.


6. Phone Apps

You can ensure your safety in so many ways like even simply using some mobile apps that are available. There are so many apps like bsafe that can help you to ensure your security while walking alone on the road. When you are on the road alone then you can call your contact to follow you on the app. They can check you out by having an eye into this app through the GPS signal. Some apps also have the feature of keeping the video option on. You can keep it on too so that your contact actually has an idea about what is going on around you and if you are safe so far.


If somehow you are not able to reach your phone then you can set SOS alarm. You can keep it on just by saying the predetermined phrase.


Using these apps will cost you almost no money. If you don’t want to spend money for some time for security reasons then you can download these apps and use it right away. It is always better to have something than nothing, right? Besides, why should you take any chance regarding your safety anyway? This is the least thing that you can do for yourself to be safe. So you should not let it go.


Just the time I was thinking about taking self-defense classes and buying the best personal security devices in the market, I used these apps. At that time I was doing a lot of research as I wanted to make sure I am investing in the best devices that will be able to serve me a lot of times. So it took me quite a few months to decide. So during these times of indecision, these apps were really what ensured my security.


I am sure you will not regret giving it a proper try. If you don’t like one app try another. Keep repeating it until you find out which one fits you the best.


7. Flash Light

The flashlight is an important device for ensuring personal security. It often comes along with security alarm but you will be able to buy it individually as well.


Whenever you walk alone on the road during the night, it becomes very risky. It is very unlikely that people will be able to locate you in some places. In such cases, if you want to let people locate you easily then you should use such flashlight. This flashlight creates so bright light that it becomes very difficult not to notice where you are.


If you become a victim of an attack by some bad people in a not so crowded road then you should try to scream if you don’t have an alarm. Then you can switch on this flashlight that will help the people to find your location to offer your needed help. Bad people also may leave you unharmed when they see people are approaching to help you.

So carrying a flashlight as a security device is a must.



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you take a personal alarm on a plane?

Answer: As we all know there are some restrictions regarding taking things on the plain. It applies to so many things that let us wonder what we can take us for a flight and what we can not. Bust the good part is, we actually can take personal alarm with us on a plain. There is no restriction on taking it with us.


Question: Are personal alarms waterproof?

Answer: Well, the answer to the question will not be the same for all. It will differ from the different varieties of personal alarms that are available in the market. You can find some personal alarms that are waterproof and there are some alarms not waterproof at all. So, before buying any alarm you have to be sure which type of alarm is best suited for you. Then you can buy the alarm that goes with your needs.


I can tell having a waterproof alarm will be the best choice considering the time during the rainy season. It will not get ruined with water.


Question: Why the use of personal security devices is increasing significantly?

Answer: Yes I do agree with it. People are using personal security devices more than ever now. The scenario of our society is not like what it was before a few years back. There are so many changes. People are making money in so many ways, on the other hand, some people are getting poorer with days.


There is not the proper distribution of wealth all around the globe. So this poorer section of the society is getting very angry and desperate. To survive they can get into any sort of crime. On the other hand, the security forces have failed us to have some faith in them on the basis of prior experiences.


So people like me, have taken the charge of ensuring their personal security on their own hand rather than depending solely on the security forces.


That is why the use of personal security devices is increasing at a noticeable rate.

Question: How can you say pepper spray is allowed in your state?

Answer: Before buying any personal security device you must have in-depth knowledge about that particular device. You have to know all the pros and cons of that product and all the features it has to serve the purpose.


Then it is a must to know if using that device will make you get caught into any legal obligation. The same thing applied while buying pepper spray also. In the USA not all states allow you to use this thing for personal safety. So have a proper research before buying it. You can get all the relevant information on the internet if you look for it.


Final Words

In today’s busy life, we simply can not go a day without going outside. So considering the fragility of our personal security on the road we must have some of the best personal security devices. You just can’t rely on the police and other security forces to save you in the time of danger. I learned it in a hard way. But after realizing it I didn’t procrastinate about doing something about it.


You should too take charge of your personal security in your hand if you haven’t already. The experiences of my fellows might seem known to you. Someone you know is going through such incidents regularly. It is not a rare case now. So, why should not you do something for the safety of yourself and your family? It is time to be more careful than ever.


Once anything happens, it will be you who have to carry the pain throughout your life. Before taking these words lightly, think about this with a lot of time. I am sure you are mature enough to take wise decisions for yourself and your family.

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