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Best Home Security System 2019 That Really Works | Real Review

Best Home Security System 2019 That Really Works | Real Review

What have you done in this New Year to make your home extremely secure? Are you aware of the best home security system 2017? The modern technology has passed a long way. With time, the security devices become tiny with the more incredible outcome. Therefore, I always keep my eyes on the progression of new technology to assure the best security of my place.

I am Anita; working in a large corporate house of New York. It is nothing to mention that as a single mother it is quite tough for anyone to continue the job and take the best care of the child. My daughter, Julia is a smart kid of just 10 years and a student of a primary standard. Her safety is a top-notch priority of mine.

For securing myself from street crime, I always carry safety devices with me, as often I have to return home in the late hours. Moreover, I need to travel nationwide for my job. I have completed some martial art training course due to enhancing my self-confidence. I have also sent my kid to attend the Krav Maga classes because she has to take care herself along with her grandmother.

Keeping my beloved safe is a challenge for me!!

To keep our home protected, we put smoke and burglar alarm with motion sensor and night vision. Moreover, we have contacted with the best home security providers in the US. We have found most of the security providers are very costly for set up charge and monitoring.

However, we are planning to shift our few older security devices with the latest products. There are so many products available in the market that confuses me easily. As a full-time employee, I have not much time to go to the retail shop and asking the product uniqueness.

A customer review is the best on which I can rely!!!

Like most of the American, I have visited some home security forum. I post some query and follow some posts, which are about the most advanced security devices. In addition, I read about the customer feedback on those products.

I want a complete system, which can provide the best wireless security camera and burglar alarm. I do not want to spend money for it is set up and not a usual system commonly found in security providers.

Therefore, I have visited the YouTube channels and the providers’ web also for knowing the products they use. I have visited the website of FrontPoint, Protect America, and LiveWatch etc. They are using the average grade device for security but top class scrutiny.

During the research, I have found hundreds of top tech product, which have the quality to satisfy demand. Then I have started to shortlist them based on price, features and customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, I also consider its use, set up and effect in my case.

Keeping the home safe is very important to me. From the New York POLICE, I know that most often burglars come to the house and press the doorbell to trace our presence. If they found no one, there they start acting.

Therefore, I want to secure the entry points as quick as possible.

Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080PBest home security system reviews

First, I think I should take a Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080P. I found it wireless, coolest looking, HD camera with night vision. As it is weatherproof I could install it anywhere outside without thinking.

I could see my entire house through mobile apps. However, it does not have a motion sensor, and I do not have all the day to looking at my house.

Then I thought for EZVIZ Smart Home. It is really a nice set of the camera with all the facilities, as I need. It has motion sensors, night vision, push notification to the mobile apps and lot more things. Two things make me change my mind. First, it has no alarm or communication system. It only records.

I want to be smarter than a burglar!!!!

EZVIZ Smart HomeTherefore, the regular outlook could not suitable for me. That is the reason why I rely on KUNA.

Is it believable!!!?

An outdoor light can do it for me. It is not just an outdoor light; it is a WiFi enabled full HD security camera. I thought I could put it outside instead of the old-timer lights. I had three old outdoor lights in my house. One is at the front door, another is at the backdoor and the other is in front of my garage.

As Kuna has night vision and motion sensor, I can have a clear outside picture through live video streaming by alert or my wish.

Why Kuna is the best wireless home security system?

With this, I can protect my home, through two-way communication to the stranger. I can use some prerecorded voice or very loud burglar alarm of over 100 dB. Moreover, I can operate it from my Smart Phone apps.

kunaIn addition, I do not have to worry about damage from rain or snow as it is water resistant. I read the manual of setting up. After reading, I am confident about doing it by myself.

After shipment from the online shop, on a weekend Julia and I have planned to set up Kuna in the place of the old outdoor lights. Set up was very simple. We followed the instruction depicted in the box and took 15 minutes to complete the whole three. I have bought matching lights.

One day while, we were in a vacation on the Long Beach, I got an alert a burglar was knocking my door. After few second while I had not responded, he started pulling the door. At that moment, I simply declared my presence.

He said nothing and left quickly. From then I do not have to worry about my home and my garage security, even at night.

From my long experience, I have found that the home security cameras are always good if the eyes watching them. Therefore, I need a rescue option, as it is not possible to look all the time into my home CC camera. The rescue could be the home automation.

After placing the elegant device outside, I moved to secure inside my home. At the beginning, I was thinking for a Canary. This is an awesome piece of the indoor security device.

I was happy with the design. It gives WiFi enabled services. It has heat and humidity monitoring sensor. I also have motion sensor and night vision mode.

In addition, it has the best picture and audio recording quality. It can put alert if there is any unusual movement in my home through its smart app. It also has built-in the alarm system of more than 90 dB. Moreover, I do not have to worry about it is set up and placing, as it is fixable anywhere in my home.

However, few things make it not suitable for me. It has a single side view. Therefore, I have to select the perfect guessing. It is at all impossible. It has no door opening sensation. I have to put it charging to see it. As a result, if the burglar disconnects the electric cable line, I may not have any security alarm.

As it is not going to work out for my case, I have to move forward.

It was Blink security system, which caught my eyes. The wide-angle design of the camera is fabulous, which is not like usual radio cable. It has the 720p live streaming camera, which is sufficient for monitoring the activity.

The great thing is that it is totally wireless and do not need to connect the charger like the Canary. It has a nice app for the Android or iOs, which give a complete training of setting up. Therefore, I do not need to read the manual at all.

It has WiFi connectivity and lowers light sensor. It is quite easy to assemble. It requires not monthly fees or long term plans.

It offers two cameras at a single price and the units are expandable. In addition, it has built-in the burglar alarm. They are also improving their applications and trying to include more features.

However, some of its criteria shift my choice somewhere else. It has not yet included the motion and CO sensor. Although it has to push alert system, it is useless until it cannot sense the motion and CO.

After finding some issues with Blink, at last, I have decided to move on the best indoor security devices for me.

This is the best security solution I have ever had in my home.

I have fixed myself for SimpliSafe2. I found it interesting. It comes with an 8 piece of devices altogether. I can set it as I need.

Image 2: Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System

The main reason I like it that SimpliSafe2 uses cellular option. Therefore, a burglar cannot stop it simply by cutting the phone line. It will not lock me in a monitoring contact. It provides monthly service with a less payment. I can cancel it anytime. I can customize my monthly plan, which is super.

It has the entry, motion, smoke, glass break, and freeze sensor. Therefore, any abnormal activity inside my home triggers as pushes alert to my Smartphone apps. The best thing is the sensors are wireless and very easy to set up. These allow me to look into my house anytime I want.

Simplisafe2If I need, I can expand the number of devices and I have to pay for the particular device. I can install it by myself. In addition, I can return it within 60 days claiming a total refund if I am not satisfied at all.

Best Rated Home Security Systems, I have selected

Finally, with Kuna and SimpliSafe2, I am ready to face the challenge of 2017. Now, I do not have to worry about the security of my home while I am very much busy in office or tour. I can concentrate my work well. I realize secure home gives the comfort to conquer the world.

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