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Best Home Security Companies USA | Happy Customers Reviews 2019

Best Home Security Companies USA | Happy Customers Reviews 2019


Do you realize that often we forget to care about the most precious things of our life? I think you have also noticed this issue already. It is very common in the human being that the entire life is home-centered.  It is also true for me.

I am Anita a citizen of the United States. I live in New York with my 10 years old daughter, Julia, and mother, Margaret. As a self-dependant woman, now I have learned martial arts for ensuring personal security. I also train my daughter in various forms of martial arts like Krav Maga and Capoeira.

As sometimes I have to return home at late night, I have bought few security devices like Stun Cane, Pepper Spray. I got training in using them. In addition, I have security alarm with me.


I have totally forgotten about ensuring the security of my house.

However, time passed and a burgled in my neighborhood makes me aware of home security. I need a complete security for my house. A few days later from this incident, I have visited a fair of home security providers. There I come to know a lot about the modern home security system.

Consultation with home security system companies

I talked with several experts from different companies. From them, I understand about security cameras, motion sensor, fire and smoke alarm, night vision, and temperature sensor. I have also learned about the various types of visuals like bird’s eye, landscape, and 360 degrees etc.

I also have a clear idea about their price, after sale service, customer care, time for installation, refund policy, and their goal of business. In addition, I know about the devices they use for offering the assurance of the best security and their experience in this industry.

I was impressed!!!

Most of the service providers have a wide history in providing best services all over the US. All of them use the best devices, have expert technicians, and offer customizable paid and free services.

I want some assistance from the home security professionals as I have not much time to attend some extra session on security and fix it by myself. Therefore, I need to compare all the services and prices for choosing the best security solution for my lovely home. However, it was not possible that time.

This expo makes me visionary!!!

I know about the FrontPoint, Protect America, Scout, Live Watch and much more. Before selecting the right one for me, I scrutinize a number of agencies. I have checked their customer services. I have read their customer reviews. In addition, I have visited their website and do some online research. Moreover, I also follow their updates on their business blog.

Best home security companies in the United States

After comparing all amazing Home Security Providers, I have listed down four companies, which I find best based on my knowledge.

home security companies
home security company review

Ranked 1: FrontPoint

This company often says that they are the best for their home alarm and customer services. For verifying the reality, I have called their contact number at the around 12:30 am.


A smart gent’s voice greets me cordially and wants to know how may he help me? I understand that they are always ready to support me. Like very few providers, it is a nationwide company and available in NY.

FrontPoint has advancement in dedicated cellular and complete wireless connectivity. I was thinking to use their 30 days trial. However, they do not provide the guarantee for equipment lifetime.

The complete wireless system does not need a professional installation. Although I will be eligible for free monitoring of the cellular and wireless system, it ends the one-time service fee in 3 years.

Ranked 2: Protect America

Within a competitive price, security plan is the most appealing and can satisfy most of the house owners. General monitoring devices with the lifetime warranty is a huge plus for their reputation. They provide many forms of customer support like live chatting and calling.

Customizable services, easier relocation, and 14 days trail enhance its acceptability. However, if you think for the security performance it is the best.

The first drawback from them is limited time customer online service. Aggressive sales activity might have harm for general buyer. They do not provide the complete cellular monitoring.

I was upset!!!

Is it possible today to pay without proper monitoring? For the absence of cellular monitoring, Protect America gets lower-ranking the Better Business Bureau.

Ranked 3: ADT

It is not possible; you live in the city and do not see the billboard of ADT. I have seen it since I was young. Few of my senior colleagues rely on ADT for their home security. I heard from them about the best burglar and smoke alarm. They also have the best security industry expertise.

After sharing my need one of my senior colleagues, he suggested me to contact with ADT 24/7 customer service.

The conversation was so friendly!!!

I know that they have the different scheme for new and existing service taker. In addition, they also provide the relocation package.

I was astonished

They offer the six-month money back guarantee. They have 24/7 monitoring option through remote secure HD video. It also gives $500 theft protection policy.

I find no self-installation system for the devices ADT provide, which seems a major drawback to me. Although they provide a complete security to you home with industry expert, the price is a bit higher.

Ranked 4: LiveWatch

I know that the home security providers are a bit costly; I find the LiveWatch is different from the others in terms of the quality and the service. The 24/7 customer and monitoring service are one of their main strength.

They are equipped with best industry grade equipment and well-trained experts to handle clients.

It is very interesting!!!

The wireless home security provider allows anytime cancellation policy. It offers the highest refund (one year) I have ever offered.

My single phone could be the entire controller of my house even if I am abroad. The cost is actually 30-40% lower than the same service provider by others.

I was bit confused while I found some of their services was offered under SafeMart name. Only two years of equipment, a warranty is very less than the lifetime.

The most interesting thing, which I forgot!!!!

Confusion about Top Home Security Companies

Julia asked me if some of those monitor 24/7 my house, what would be our privacy. I have called them once again and they ensure the privacy protection they offer. However, I am going to read the complete privacy protection policy again.

After a complete go through the policies, I understand that I can customize the surveillance option when I need. Especially, I can stop the surveillance options while I am at home. I can also stop any of the camera surveillance.

The entire research gives me a concrete knowledge about what to do or not. I have come to know the best options to invest my money for my home security.



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