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Best Home Security Camera | Everything About Security Camera & Video Surveillance System [Updated October 2019]

Best Home Security Camera | Everything about Security Camera & Video Surveillance System [Updated October 2019]

Are you concerned about your kids you left home with the nanny? You have to leave them every working day of your life. You can’t draw your attention to your work correctly. What would it be like if there is something that you can check continuously on your kids being distant from home? You can skip the stress if your life with the best home security camera.


In today’s digital way of life, you don’t need a security guard to monitor the door of your house. Even you can go for your job or business, leaving your kids with their nanny at home peacefully. You may watch the house on a family vacation both the outdoor and indoor sections of your house with the home security camera.


Home security camera comes in many forms like outdoor, indoor, and doorbell security camera that opt for a variety of tasks and aims.


Why You Need a Home Security Camera?

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Today, we need security cameras in our home or outside the house for various reasons that we cannot deny. We are too busy in our lives and so many multiple tasks to do to maintain all sides. Presence on all sides is not possible. Thus the invention of the home security camera has been famous so much. Let’s know about reasons to use the home security cameras:


Protect Your House

You are out of the house. There may be persons left or not. If the place you are living is not in a safe area, you can buy outdoor camera. And if the home is vulnerable by burglars or thieves more often; then an outdoor and video doorbell camera is a must.


On the other hand, various types of persons may come to the house on the whole day; who are not trustworthy. They may cause problems if your children or other older people are present at home. There are many valuables in your house, too, which need to be protected because the burglars can break the safe and take the whole safe away with them.


Manage the Electric System with the Home Security System

Many of you forget to turn off the lights, AC, heater, or cooler before leaving the house. It may happen that you go for a long tour plan and forget the heater on, then this surveillance system will help you a lot to turn off the heater. The whole system has the function of maintaining the electric system of the entire house.


Monitor and Protect Your Kids, Elderly Persons, and Pets

You go to the office or other places, leaving your children at home with their nanny or alone. There may be your old mom and dad too. They need the monitoring service with the two-way communication, and that is possible by an only indoor home security camera.


Mechanization of the Home

You can automate your home with a surveillance system like turning off the heater, unlocking or locking the door, thermostats, etc. A lot of extra facilities can be possible for this.


Self Monitoring for 24 Hours

You are watching your house or your door or ground of the house for 24 hours. Moreover, you are getting every single notification from your home where your kids, pets are staying. Don’t you think it is incredible? Monitoring your own house from a distance as if you felt you were at home.


Monitoring of Every Important Corner

There are different types of security cameras that you can afford; These are the indoor, outdoor, and doorbell camera. The functions of these various videos are diversified to follow. You have first to identify the aim of installing a security camera and then go for a buying decision.


Detecting the Carbon Monoxide

A security camera is not just a camera that you see the views of your house. It is incorporated with so many facilities that you may consider for the overall house monitoring system. One of the facilities is that it detects the carbon monoxide that can be emitted from the heater or stoves and burning woods.


Another thing is that the gas has no odor or color you can feel. Most of the time, people face life-threatening problems with this gas. The gas is full of poison. So the security camera can help you in this manner.


Special Facility for Medical Assistance

If you are elderly enough to live alone in the house then home security camera is essential for you. You may also seek medical emergency or assistance any time by this security camera. It can be especially acquainted with the medical section that gets the notification through the camera and sends a medical vehicle.


Overall Piece of Mind

In short, the home security camera provides a relaxed and peaceful mind and status of health. You can give the proper attention to your job or business and at the same time, monitor the house and have a stress free life.


How does Home Security Cameras work?


You can attach or mount a surveillance camera in any of the places inside and outside the house. You can install on wall, ceiling, standalone position, boos shelves, bookcases and so on inside the house. Outside the home, you may keep the camera up a tree, on the door, on a new stand, and so on. That means you can find a lot of locations to mount the CCTV near your house.


First, the security camera is connected to a central system, and this connection opts to send the views or footage to the device that the users are using through the surveillance system. It sends a secured, closed, and private signal to the users of the cameras, unlike the broadcasting of television.


Installing a camera in the corner of the room or house is much more applicable to take the full and wide range of view of the room. The quality of the surveillance camera system is so good that you can get a clear and fantastic view of the scenes in a high resolution.


You can connect the VCR to record the moving object and take the still photos or save the videos on the devices. The materials that you collect can come to many uses in the later of your life. You can connect the cameras through coaxial cable ties or wireless. Both are preferable to particular group of users. Thus the whole security system with the home security camera works on.


What Types of Different Security Cameras are there?


Larger vs. Smaller

You can get a large or tiny security camera; the functions of both the cameras are not the same. If you want to set the camera outside the house, then larger ones are more applicable to use. People remaining or coming outside must know that they are under the surveillance system, and thus they become conscious about doing an uneven thing.


On the other hand, if you want to check on your teenager children or the nanny remaining to look after the baby, then install a tiny camera in any position or hide it from them without informing. You can put the hidden home security cameras inside a vase or an alarm clock or behind the photo frames etc.


Wired vs. Wireless

A wireless camera is easy to install and use. It works through a radio transmitter to transfer the videos through this system to the users connected. The signals are sent to the receiver who receives the video, images, and footprints in the Android or Apple system. The wireless system is more flexible. Nevertheless, the problem is that the network can be disturbed by other wireless systems like- cordless phones, wireless internet, and cordless other functions like baby monitors, etc.


Wired camera installation is like a mess if you cannot do it properly. You would need an expert to mount it with other systems. As the connection is linked with the cord or wire, then the transmission of the data happens within a better flow and better quality materials than that of wireless technology.


Box-Shape vs. Dome Shape vs. Bullet Shape

Box-shaped camera is designed like Box, and you can use it with the standalone version. You can mount it both inside and outside the house. You can customize the lens of the camera out of the variety of lens options.


Dome Security Camera is like the dome shape and has the mixed up features of the camera, lens, and mounting options at the ceiling. You can use it in the place which gets dirty or oily environment quickly, such as the kitchen.


A bullet camera is shaped like bullets and combines the camera, lens, and other popular options of security cameras. You don’t need any extra lenses for this, and it is good at night time viewing.


Indoor vs. Outdoor vs. Video Doorbell Camera

There are a variety of security cameras according to the installation location. Some need to monitor inside the house because they leave the kids or pets in the house and want to take care of them. They can see and talk to the people inside the house. On the other hand, some people have a larger home that is tough to maintain at a time. So they also need to use the indoor camera.


If your house is more prone to theft hazards, Use the outside security camera. Even if workers are working outside and you need to keep an eye to them, then the outside security camera is perfect for these tasks. You can check who is roaming around the house unnecessarily, too, if the place is not a safe one.


The video doorbell camera is also necessary for you for some reason. You may leave the house for a long time, and you may have to check in a clear view of who is coming to search for you. Moreover, you may have to communicate to them as you are not at home for long. So whether he or she rings the bell or moves in front of your doors, you can track and communicate to his or her through the doorbell camera.


How to Choose a Surveillance Security Camera System for Home?

It is an important question as there are a lot of options available to choose a security camera that suits you. Let’s help you choose the camera with some tips that suit your needs and budget.


First thing, you should ask yourself a few questions. And make a shortlist to help you decide what surveillance system to purchase for your home. And these must suit your individual needs. For example:


How many cameras do you need?

How many cameras you need depends on the area or areas you want to monitor. You can go with static cameras or ones that have pan, tilt, zoom to help you cover. You would otherwise take multiple cameras to cover for various types of cameras.


In which location are preferred for you & what type do you need?

Then choose from the outdoor, indoor, or doorbell. This depends on what areas you are monitoring. After that, choose between the wired and wireless on picture quality and features. At this point, preference may tend to sway your decision one way or another. Use the Night Vision for the night and vivid color images during the day. Finally, you should opt for remote access if you would like to keep an eye on your loved ones and property. Watch away from your home through an app on a Smartphone or tablet, alright.


What kind of DVR based solution should you look for?

A DVR or digital video recorder can conveniently archive all that video that is captured by the cameras. Now keep in mind, the more cameras that you have, the higher the resolution video, the more hard drive space it will take up just like DVR or PVR at home. Top resolution night vision security camera is the best for home use.


If you don’t think you need massive amounts of storage, then use SD memory cards for home monitoring solutions. You can use those stamp-sized memory cards in your digital camera instead of a full-blown DVR based hard drive. Or you may consider a network video recorder. In my opinion, buy more storage only if you need to expand in the future.


On a related note, it is always a good idea to buy a security system with extra channels to expand to additional cameras. The cameras must-have features in a surveillance system for your home includes remote viewing. So you can see what is happening in your home when you are not there. You can have multiple recording options with h.264 compression motion detection with push notification and smooth playback with great search options.


What about IP cameras?

So, these network cameras are a great hybrid as they can store videos internally on an SD memory card. Additionally, you can save externally on your smartphone, tablet PC or MAC or personal storage devices. These cameras also offer remote accessibility. A live video feed can be viewed on mobile devices or computers anywhere.


Another advantage to an IP or networked camera solution is power over the internet. This is the ability to operate without an additional power supply. If you want a wireless solution, many IP cameras today can function over a WiFi network for a less cluttered setup.


You can consider these points to select a security camera for the best use according to your needs. Now I am going to explain some Indoor, Outdoor, and Video Doorbell cameras in the market that may help you further to choose an option.


When readers of this site buy through our link, we may earn an affiliate commission. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detail research and market analysis.



Best Indoor Home Security Camera

It is a matter of unthinkable some years ago too having a security camera inside our home. We used to see that in the corporate office, shop or Shopping mall. But now the marketers make it available to use inside and outside the house as per our necessity. We have done extensive research on the indoor home security camera to pick the best for you.


D-Link Full HD 1080p WiFi Indoor Security Camera



D-Link provides you with automatic notification for push alerts and movement detection distant to around 16 feet. It works with Alexa voice where you may communicate with the person you are seeing, and it can work 24 /7 every day. You may record the sound or video by the mydlink app with a secure setup procedure.


You can watch the events 3 seconds before the events as you can touch the movement inside your house that means you can never miss a moment. It works with IFTTT supported devices to dehumanize the home inside. You can have access to view, zoom to 10x, live streaming, record on your device iOS and Android.

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom WiFi Indoor Smart



With the Wyze, the cam can give you the notification if there is any slight movement detected in the mobile. Pan, tilt and zoom these three functions are available to help you see from any angle inside the house.


On the other hand, you may record the video of a 12-second view and can save it for the next 14 days with the help of free cloud service. It allows you to see in the dark vision from a distance of around 30 feet. There is a 3-sec availability of time to look at the event.


It works with Alexa voice system and Google assistant. So you may communicate with the person to whom you leave your baby with. You may make conscious someone from the indoor security camera. It supports with 2. 4GHz WiFi in apple and android mobile system.


You can see in the darkness within 30 feet distant very clearly with the night vision feature. The visions work with 6 infrared LED screen. You can share the camera with multiple persons to view video and record the events. You also can look at with devices at the same time. Overall it is a friendly indoor security camera within a reduced price.

YI Dome Camera, 1080p HD Indoor Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision, Motion



YI Dome Camera has the two-way communication system with advanced microphone device connection. You can record a 10-second video of real-time activity with movement and fix the recording at the moving object. You can bookmark your favourite position of the house and then come back to the previous tap. The quick scanning of the moving object can occur within one year at free of cost.


It is effortless to install; the app is very user-friendly, and it assimilates with the whole family in a simple integration. You can customize all the functions of recording, alerts, bookmarks, sharing with others and many more. You may within 3 meters distant at the darkness with the help of LED light of zero light sensitivity.


It provides the highest protection of data to be stored. You cannot lose the data and footage from SD card with the help of the YI Cloud. The standard WiFi connection helps it.

iSmartAlarm iCamera KEEP Pro 1080P HD Home Security Camera



You can record continuously if you can have an SD card with extra charge. Moreover, you may also make the time-lapse videos with customizing the photos you take. You can pan, tilt and zoom with two fingers to guide the personalized videos as per your choice.


There are the buttons for every function like time-lapse, communicating, recording, adjusting the angle and motion etc. It can be incorporated with Alexa voice system, which cam helps it communicate in a two-way method. You can record a 30-second video of the moving object when it comes to detection of the movement.


You can create a fire or smoke alarm to generate the notification through any communicative ways like emails, text or notifications. With 25 feet distant, it can show a clear picture of the whole area with a perfect night vision.

CANARY (CAN100USBK) All-in-One Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera with Built-in Siren



CANARY helps you to look at the house with all the 147-degree lens view. With an unwanted visitor, the camera poses an alarm of 90+ decibels a sound that helps to scare the threat to a home. Additionally, with the WiFi connection, Canary enables you to get the update regularly with the alarming system.


With a high-quality recording, you may get to see the views and hear the sounds of inside the house. It works with Alexa voice system, so you can see and talk to the people in the house. You may view the recording videos with free access to cloud service for 24 hours only.


Not only the persons it monitors the temperature, climate and humidity of the house so that you can learn about the environment of your home. It detects the movement with motion alerts. The fantastic factor is that AI technology helps you identify critical activity in the house.

In Short about Best Indoor Home Security Camera

In short, indoor security camera is used inside the house to monitor the activities from a distance. You leave your dear ones in the house, so it’s usual to have the concern about them. An indoor home security camera is the best to reduce your worries.


Best Outdoor Home Security Camera


Sometimes you may have some uneven circumstances outside our home. You cannot track the person who does it. In fact, we never find out how that has happened. But if we have a security camera outside our home, then it is easy for us to catch the culprits. So have the best outdoor security cameras for your safety of the whole house.

EZVIZ Outdoor 1080p Security Camera Surveillance Strobe Light & Siren IP66 Weatherproof



The EZVIZ Outdoor 1080p Security Camera can be set up in the critical location of the outside where probable encroach may happen. If a movement is detected through the camera, then an automatic recording starts and also an alarming siren and light activates too automatically.


With the camera, you can view and record a distant to 100 feet of the horizon. There is infrared light with night vision, and you will find no reflection of the sun outside. It works with Alexa too to communicate in two ways, and all the views are synced up through the Google home.


EZVIZ Outdoor is sturdy and durable for many years with the water and weather-resistant features. It makes itself safe from the heavy wind, rain or snow and operates appropriately. With the cloud storage for 1 month free, it can save the record and download all the footage.

Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren



Arlo Pro 2 is totally wireless and operates with a rechargeable battery. It can show you events of 3 seconds before at a time of the current one, so you may never miss a moment. You can highlight the area as per your choice.


With the motion detection function, you can identify the presence of the intruders and also a 100 decibel sound arises there to warn you. You can control the sound in your smartphones accordingly. You can keep the audio and recording files in the cloud storages for 7 days before it tends to go for PRO.


Alexa system helps the Arlo Pro -2 to communicate in both ways through the smartphone and camera. You can make it more useful by adding a doorbell too. It is an exclusive quality product of higher budget.

Amcrest 2K 3MP Wireless Outdoor Security Camera ProHD



Amcrest 2K is the outdoor security camera of extra wide and with 1oo degree angle you can see the whole picture at a time. Detect the movement through the Amcrest view app and review the footages in the devices. It works with the cloud video storages with the help of the various web browsers. It provides initially 4 hours free service and then different packages of the subscription fee.


At night you see to the distant of 98 degrees with the help of the night vision technology. Overall the device is straightforward to use with the view, record and live feed on your smartphone, Android and iOS etc. at any time. You may have the best facility of web browsing system too.


The heavy metal made camera can help you save the device from ant types of environmental situations. It would be good enough during the hot sun, rain and snow etc. The camera will do the best task in all the weather as per its quality.

Kasa Cam Outdoor by TP-Link – 1080p HD



You want to communicate with the delivery man and monitor the outside of the home, Kasa Cam Outdoor is reasonable to do it. A very clear view of the picture you can see, zoom in the camera and watch the view near and clear.


You can easily set the camera as per your choice of angle and necessity. The attaching option is straightforward to do. It has the weatherproof tendency that can prevent the device from dust and rain. Through the camera, you can see the outside of the house in a distant to 30 feet very clearly with the night vision light.


You can customize the area of the outside zone according to your choice or that are more prone to danger because of the intruders. Just fit the angle of the region and be safe. With the smart technology, Kasa provides the excellent service.

Reolink Argus 2 – Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera



Reolink Argus 2 is optimum for both outdoor and indoor area of the house. The camera demands the wireless connection and doesn’t seek any expert help for its installment. It works with Google Assistant and with the help of Google Assistant, you see the live recording of the area and even speaks to persons.


You can use the continuous solar power with the rechargeable batteries but have to get the solar panel separately. It is not supported WiFi more than 2.4GHz. Movement is detected through the intelligence power, and alarming sirens start to ring. You can customize the siren according to your choice of pattern.


You can get the clear cut night vision in a distant of 33 feet with the help of infrared night view. With the camera, you can store the files in the SD card (not included) and have access to view the videos and footage any time. Moreover, it would allow 10 users in the whole security system with their devices.

In Short about Outdoor Home Security Camera

In short, we cannot check the outside of the house physically all the time. There may many uneven circumstances that you remain unknown about the event happening there. So, an outdoor security camera is the most demanded device for it.



Best Video Doorbell Camera


Somebody’s ringing the bell, and you rush to open the door and find out the intruders!! Video Doorbell camera is the security camera that you can install to monitor the house who is coming or trying to enter your home. It is like the outdoor camera but relates directly to the outsiders as unknown person ring or move in front of the door then, the view is much clear. Moreover, for the full houses, where there is no more space for installing a camera, then a video doorbell camera is the best device to use.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion



At the moment when someone rings the bell, through the Ring Video Doorbell, you may get immediate notification on your mobile or laptop inside your house or distant from your house in the outside. With the Ring Video Doorbell, you can add the Alexa monitoring system, and you can talk to other people through the camera.


It links with an existing doorbell wiring system, and you can use 10 multiple devices to monitor the whole system. With the infrared night vision, the views are apparent in the darkness even. It has the advances moving detection system through which you can get the notification and track it.


You can use the cloud service of 30 days free for the first month. After that, you can purchase a plan of 10 dollars with the Ring Protect Plus and enjoy the 24/7 service to record and review the footage.

SkyBell (SH02300SL) HD Silver WiFi Video Doorbell



Skybell works with a high definition video with all the accumulated components. It works with motion alerts to track the movement form the distance. You can demand the view of the door even when there is no notification of the arrival of someone or action of someone.


You can record as much as at skybell account and see all the activities later that you missed there. If you want to turn off the sound, then you can do it, to push it in silent mode. It is an ideal doorbell for communicating to the other persons standing outside the door.


It works with Alexa and Google Home to talk with the people standing outside the door. You can monitor 24 hours on your door as well as customize time as per your choice and availability.

Wisenet SmartCam D1 Wired Video Doorbell for Home Security



Wisenet SmartCam D1 is excellent for face recognition that you can detect the face of the person standing at your door. The surprising fact is that it automatically creates the list of persons that you communicate through the cam and you will get the individual notification according to this list.


It is fantastic for detecting the abnormal sounds, and you can set the camera within three motion zones according to your essential areas. The motion detection feature helps you to identify whether a human or an animal is coming towards its better algorithm.


Built-in microphone system helps you to communicate with the other people standing outside the door. Even in the darkness, you won’t face any problems due to fantastic night vision.

August Doorbell Cam Pro, 2nd generation technology – Dark Gray, Compatible with Alexa



August Doorbell Cam Pro is perfect for retrospection of the videos seen in the devices some moments back. And also you can communicate with the persons standing at the door of the house. The motion detection system also helps the system to turn on the alert automatically.


It replaces the manual ring chime and can work with the existing wiring system. You can record the videos and review them for 24 hours free with the sound cloud services. You can get the access of 30 days for 24/7 with the premium service, and that will cost you separately.


The august doorbell helps to see the view of the surrounding areas very clearly with the help of the night vision. Moreover, there is a fantastic option to unlock the system to permit someone to enter the house.

Remobell WiFi Video Doorbell Camera



Remobell is a fast responding camera that you can detect the presence of the persons as early as possible. With the 180 degrees angle,, you can stream the live videos with the night vision mode in darkness too.


You can select the areas you want to monitor and get the notification within your smart device. You can even control the sensitivity of the motion sensors. The use of cloud service is available for 3 days only, which is free.


It works with the Alexa, IFTTT and Google Assistant. You can share the scene of the video doorbell camera with 5 users. The two-way communication can be effectively used in this device. Remobell is a doorbell piece of low price, and anybody can afford to use it.

Final Thought

Home Security Camera is a must use now at every home. You have the option of using it, so why would you not consider it. I have explained a lot of extra facilities too to make your decision better to go to. The security camera system can help you in unlocking the door, turning off the electricity; automate the operation of the house in addition to its certified tasks.


Now I hope you can be able to differentiate about various home Security Camera and know about best home security camera system consumer reports. Pick one for your home and secure your house to an extent level being away from home. Leave your house with a relaxed mind and live with peace.

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