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Best Home Alarm System Monitoring Review

Best home alarm system monitoring review

A bugler will not come to your home by sending a mail. Yet, a security alarm can notify you when someone stranger tries to get an unwanted access into your home or business. You may need Best home alarm system.

What have not we done to keep our family happy and secure? Even we do not think twice to spend the last penny of our pocket for ensuring their life more comfort. Nevertheless, often we forget to cut the check for making the place secure where our most beloved person lives.

Hold a minute and ask yourself!!!

Have you taken any precaution to prevent annoying situations at your residence? From the survey, most of the people say “Nothing” while some say “Something”. This is not the scenario of urban area alone; it is common in the city also. Therefore, in the US a burglary happens in every 15.4 seconds.

Things actually not end here!!!

What do you actually think? Have you the only threat from the thieves? You need to change your thought now.

Home security means not only protect your home only from buglers. Today’s smart security and protection system are able to give you a 360-degree protection from any kind of incidences like crime, fire, accidents, sabotage or attack.

Well, if you do not want to be a victim, you should get enough knowledge to keep yourself and your family secure from all aspects.

You must think why you should believe me!!!

Well, I am Jeff Hall, living Oakland, CA. It is not my permanent resident. Due to my job, I have to travel nationwide. I am working as a security expert more than 12 years. I have worked for more than three leading security service providers of USA.

My childhood dream was quite different from my today’s profession. I wanted to join US Marine. It was my passion. I cannot forget those days when I used to wake up early and run for 2 hours. I also joined swimming class. Kevin, my cousin, and a US Marine officer was my inspiration.


Due to the history of heatstroke, I was not able to qualify. It was a year ago from my 18, I can still remember that summer. In July 2006, the temperature broke the history. Throughout the summer, the temperature was in between 100 to 130 ºF. At the highest temperature, I had a heatstroke in the southern California Beach. Nevertheless, it destroyed my dream.

I was quite disappointed. It took long to recover. I was searching for something that could be helpful for people and of course an adventurous task for me in future. My mentor Kevin show me the way of accepting the challenge and do something great for the people.

Burglars and thieve are now smarter guys!!!

When I was a newbie in the security industry, I always thought why people use a landline rather having an alternative. I have seen many cases when the burglars cut the landline. Therefore, the smart home automation was not able to send an alarm to the owner.

It is not only true for homes, but also for banks and business centers. Even the after storm New York, and New Jersey, as massive messed up happened in the landline network. It took several months to recover. During the time, there were no home securities.

Nationwide in most cases of burglary, Police found the burglar scratch the landline. Therefore, the insurance companies now set requirements of different security monitoring for banks, business organizations and home.

Consciousness Sucks!!!

If you have the best security automation, but it cannot deliver the alert at the right time due to wire cut.

In this context, cellular alarm monitoring system can be very effective. In my research for MS thesis, I have identified some points, which are sufficient to prove the importance of the cellular system.

A.    Protected Home Security

In a cellular monitoring system all the security camera, control system, and sensors are in touch with you and the monitoring company 24/7. You do not have to worry about the wire drop or shear.

Therefore, you will get a continuous connection with your home anytime.

B.    Handy Home Security

Few Research center claims in their study that near about one-third of citizen use Smartphone. Many of the citizens do not want to use the landline anymore. There are many areas in the US where no landline available. Therefore, the landline is not a robust and reliable security system.

Modern cellular built-in systems are able to send the alert to monitoring providers and you even from an urban and rural area. Hence, you can concentrate your business knowing that your family is safe.

C.    Cheap Alarm Monitoring

Cellular security systems are self-installing and maintenance is often easier. Therefore, you may not have to spend on servicing people. For upgrading the devices, you may get a 6 months coverage. Moreover, you can tune it easily.

D.    Updating the Industry

Security providers are also taking the benefits while offering the competitive price to the users. You can access to your home security system 24/7. Therefore, your home is no longer away from you.

In addition, arming and disarming provide a notification text to your number.

E.    Less Weakness

The cellular security system will provide a robust coverage to the ultimate security to your home or business even in those hours you are not present. Moreover, it does not need any landline or internet connection to inform you what happened.

In addition to the cellular alarm, the system can be a crucial thing for your home. From the monitoring center, they need to inform 15 to 60 seconds to inform the authority, but it is also true that they are not responsible for bringing the POLICE with them.

Do you believe your ears!!!??

From the past to till date, the alarm is very effective. From crime journals, I found some interview of few burglars. They confirmed that they did not enter the houses, which has an alarm system in front. Some also say that if they were inside, the length of burglary reduced if an alarm rang inside.

Most of the giant home security providers do not provide the complete cellular system. Rather they provide wireless systems.

Don’t worry and keep patience!!!

Few large security providers have recently introduced this service in their list. I have made a list based on the rates and the service from them.

FrontPoint Review:

Although it is relatively costly as a cellular alarm monitoring service provider, it provides the best support in terms of customer service, equipment, expertise in monitoring and apps.

During my working on my research, I have contacted with their customer management people as a customer. I have talked with users for their satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

FrontPoint has the best customer service, least BBB complaint and 30 days trial, which is entirely free.

Protect America Review:

Protect America is one of the cheap cellular monitoring providers with a loaded package for you. Although they are great for home security automation, the cellular monitoring makes it best in the industry. It also provides the best support in terms of customer service, equipment, expertise in monitoring and apps.

Protect America is mostly renowned for their great equipment, customer service and a larger company with cheapest cellular monitoring options.

LiveWatch Review

If you have already a home security set up for the cellular system, the best option could be LiveWatch. Although they have not separate plan for cellular alarm monitoring, you can get a complete package, which includes cellular monitoring. If you need an entire monitoring rather limiting yourself from cellular alarm only, LiveWatch is the cheapest but effective options.

Protect America is mostly renowned for their equipment quality, easy setup and complete home or business monitoring in the best rate of their competitors.

Calgary Review

If you want the cellular alarm monitoring alone, it will rare to have something better than the Calgary. They are the most experienced in alarm monitoring. They have the trained and experienced monitoring people, who are ready to provide 24/7 support for your business and home.

Interestingly, you do not have to spend any money on alarm device installation if you have not installed yet. Calgary provides free alarm device and installation. Certification from CSAA and ISO is great to have as a security service provider.

Scout Review

Scout is one of the best in the security providers in the US. The best thing about them is they have very cheap and individual plan for each customer and services. Therefore, you can make create a customized plan for yourself.

The most important thing about Scout is that you do not have to make a contact and it offers a 30-day full money back assurance.

Link Interactive Review

Is not it great local people who know best about you are in charge of your security monitoring? Link Interactive is the largest local alarm monitoring service provider with 60 years of industry experience.

With it, you do not have to worry about your existing or new home alarm monitoring. They also provide the services as the earlier mentioned. However, continuous knocking about your system failure is a great service from them. In addition, their service is really affordable and cost effective.

Final Verdict

I have shared a lot of experience from my MS year. I have found there are also some good local companies along with the market giants, who may grow big once.

However, if you want the best cellular alarm monitoring FrontPoint will be perfect. If you need a complete package, definitely LiveWatch is there. Still, you need a customized option, the Scout is perfect while if you need the alarm monitoring alone at the cheapest price, I would recommend Calgary.

Like the interview, journal report and statistics, I believe the alarm can still save value for you. Moreover, if it is a cellular, you are on the top.

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