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Best Gun Safe Manufacturer | Top Gun Safe Brands

Best Gun Safe Manufacturer | Top Gun Safe Brands

Do you know in recent years, the sale of guns reaches the peak? The reason behind is people feel safe after owning a gun. However, the regulators also implement laws to assure you safe from your gun.


Best handgun safe becomes a mandatory gear for gun purchase in many states. Besides keeping the gun during travel, you should keep it beside your bed at night. It will help you to sleep well as you know you are safe from the burglar.


Many companies offer the best long gun safe for money. A few manufacturers offer the best small fireproof gun safe. Based on your need you should select the gun vault from the best gun safe manufacturer.


Often you have a question in mind. Who is the best gun safe manufacturer? As guns are costly, you cannot rely on all.


In recent years, you may notice that protection is the top reason to have a gun. According to the Pew Research Center, there are statistics about why people keep guns.


Why people keep guns

Target shooting7%
Constitutional rights2%


People purchase the gun for their family and personal protection. People need the best long gun safe for money, which can assure the gun safety from children, pry, fire and other instincts.


When readers of this site buy through our link, we may earn an affiliate commission. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detail research and market analysis.


Best Gun Safe Manufacturer: Top Gun Safe Brands


Safety comes at the top priority even while considering the best fireproof gun safe under 500. After a few weeks of research and complete use of our experience, we have picked a list of the best gun safe manufacturer upon which you may rely.


We acknowledge that we do not create an affiliate with the brands to pick them in our list.

Cannon Gun Safe

Cannon makes premium large and handgun safe to satisfy you. You can depend on their quality. However, you may need an exciting budget to get a Cannon Gun Safe. Few amazing features of Cannon Gun Safes are:


  • Cannon offers customizable features through the various models. Therefore, you can choose to confer to what you yearn for.
  • Most of the Cannon safe can accommodate 24 to 80 guns. Therefore, Cannon offers the best long gun safe for money. Thus, you should be careful about the number of guns you have.
  • The construction material can resist the gun from massive burglary attack or fire for 30 to 90 minutes. It is a good protection time.
  • There are good organizations of storage like staffing in the internal side, racks, and shelves where you can preserve other valuables along with the guns.
  • The door organizing kit helps to expand its size during the fire. In this way, the materials remain safe inside.



  • The brand facilitates the replacement for lifelong under the terms and conditions.
  • High quality touch screen has placed on the biometric or digital lock.
  • The safe has 4 to 10 a four-inch bolts that help to attach the safe on the concrete or the wall.
  • Well design assures great pry resistance.


  • The construction material may discharge harmful inhalable chemicals in exposure to fire and other hazardous chemicals. The discharged chemical may cause some health issues.


* If you need a high quality gun safe for many guns, the Cannon can be the best gun safe manufacturer to suit your demand.*


Barska Gun Safe

The Barska Fireproof gun safe is specially designed to protect the safe from the fire incident. You can have the robust quality and best small fireproof gun safe from this manufacturer.


  • The material is of strong steel. It makes the safe durable for many years like 8 to 10 years.
  • Barska provides various sizes, capacities of the gun safe. Therefore, you can pick the expected one for your convenience.
  • The fire rating goes for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in the minimum temperature of 1700 degree F. That is absolute for the protection from fire occurrence of extreme rate.
  • You can mute the access feature of the safe if you want to open it without informing others or for secret aim.
  • According to different sizes of the safe, you can store 14 to 45 rifles with other materials.
  • It includes the 9V battery, which is lightweight, and non-rechargeable, that goes very well to a gun safe.



  • The removable safes help you to place other important valuable along with the guns.
  • It allows a full package of delivery service includes unpacking, junk removal, floor protection and any other related the installment.


  • The products are a bit pricey item to carry the expense.


* If you need the best fireproof gun safe under 500, you may find a rare alternative than Barska.*


Stack on Gun Safe

Stack-On is a reliable and popular manufacturer for many users today. The growing demand is increasing with popularity.


  • It provides a wide range of products with distinct characteristics like a long gun safe, portable safe, removable storage whatever the feature meets your demand.
  • You can select the biometric locking option to lock with your fingerprint in terms of acute security. Some safes have electronic locks of two types like primary and secondary locks. Other safes have digital keypads that you can protect the safe by exposing number code, which is more protected.
  • The brand gives the aspect of fireproof and waterproof too. By these features, you may have the accessories secured in fire occurrence and flood too. Even if there is no flood you may secure the safe with water throwing during the fire attack.
  • The fireproof option allows at least 30 minutes protection for minimum 1400 degree F, which is more convenient to follow.
  • You can put 10 to 69 gun safes and that is the versatile feature of the safe to follow.



  • You may find some safes with door storage management with holsters and pouches to protect more items.
  • The brand allows the locking bolts to attach the safes on the floor or wall for more protection from removing forcibly.


  • Exposed to chemicals that are harmful to health.


* If you have more focus on door protection, Stack-on is the best gun safe manufacturer for your major focal point.*


Steelwater Gun Safe

Steelwater has been providing more reliable, secured and various benefitted features for years. Besides confidence on own work, Steelwater sticks on the mechanical features depending on the customer review for seven long years.


  • Steelwater includes the fireboard in the long and small shelves in the safe. However, the extra benefit of Steelwater is that it puts steel plates to both sides to refrain it.
  • Moreover, Steelwater provides extra resistance to burglary by using steel plates to all corners of the bottom of the safe. With the help of these, the safe would not move back and forth during bolting down. The plates are made up of nine gauge steel that is very thick.
  • There are some hard plates in the safe that are made 10 times stronger than other plates. These plates prevent the drilling or opening or breaking of the locks in any case.
  • The safe protects itself from a minimum of 1700 degree F temperature from a fire with a range of 30 minutes to 90 minutes of fire hazards.



  • All the products are inspected and packed with proper management. As a result, it reduces the rate of damage or problems.
  • Any defects or failure of the safe during usage will subject to renovation with warranty period or without warranty too.


  • Steelwater comes with a high price.


* If you need an ultimate level of protection from the safe, the Steelwater is the best gun safe manufacturer in the market.*


Sentry Safe

For a fire-resistant safe and security, Sentry Safe is the awesome name of the safeguarding brand. With sentry safe, you will have the peace of mind while leaving the gun in the house even for a week. Some key qualities are-


  • You will get both fire and waterproof features in a single gun safe, which is unthinkable with other manufacturers.
  • You may live in a flooded area; waterproof is the best option to buy. The fireproof works well in the industrial area where the fire could occur anytime.
  • Sentry Safe provides a wide range of combined locking system for the best handgun safe. You can find mechanical, numeric, and biometric locks in combination. You may also get modern safety lock system, which you can operate from your android or apple phone.
  • The tubular keys, which are used mostly in the door of the house, can function in safe too. It is easier to maintain. The digital keypads can also be available so that number codes can be given to increase the security.
  • You can get every size that goes with your necessities like small, medium, large, extra-large, XX-large, etc.



  • The brand facilitates the bolt down hardware so that the burglar cannot easily break or remove the locks.


  • Sometimes it is hard to maintain the lock procedure for complexity.


* If you need the best small fireproof gun safe, Sentry Safe is undoubtedly the best gun safe manufacturer in the market.*


Liberty Gun Safe

Liberty Gun Safe is an expert at yielding highly innovated products, especially for gun safes. In addition, it provides different names to the gun safes of various features like Centurion, USA, Colonial, Franklin, Lincoln, Presidential, etc.


  • The fire rating ranges from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. You can depend on the fire rating as to your need according to the place you live in.
  • Innovative security, which is anti-burgling with the strong bolting system. Thieves cannot easily access to the locking system.
  • Very high gauge steel production that is durable for even a decade.
  • It includes the LED light kits that help to visibility during operating digital keypads to easily access the system.
  • It associates digital dehumidifiers that helps to reduce out the moisture and smoke out of the safe.



  • Thicker door to add extra security against
  • Lifetime warranty can feel you secured for a long time.


  • It’s heavy to carry with.


* If you want to keep yourself in the comfort zone with your gun safe, Liberty Gun Safe can be the best gun safe manufacturer to rely on it.*


Viking Security Safe

For pistol and other small guns, Viking Security Safe is undoubtedly a wise solution. Besides stylish design, biometric access is a great option to grab people’s concentration. Some amazing information about Viking is-


  • It is specialized in making smaller safes that many people need to use with other valuables too.
  • Most of the gun safes are biometric. You can get access by using the fingerprints.
  • If any problem arises with the fingerprints you can get access through using the digital keypad too.
  • They prefer to make wall safes that particular customers need to use.
  • Smaller guns are protected with the safes that are not big enough to store rifles. It also produces the handguns that you can store in the bedroom or desk.



  • All the products are made of strong steel that ensures ultimate security.
  • The safes are bug resistant too that you won’t have the issue with steel depreciation.
  • The LED light in the keypads can help you to view clearly in dark times.
  • Most safes are ideal for shotguns, pistols, important documents, passports, jewelry and so on.


  • Viking Security Safe doesn’t produce the safes for long guns.
  • You may not get a wide range of safes in this brand.


* If you need a modern designed biometric gun safe for pistol, Viking is a step ahead best gun safe manufacturer in the market. *


Browning Gun Safe

If just three years of starting, the Browning Gun Safe becomes a top-class firearm vault manufacturer due to sustained quality. It has produced a great dimension of Pro Series, Customer Collection, Core Collection, and Black Level.


  • The safes are made of thick and rigorous steel that prevents an attack on the door, body, handle and lock. The steel s 32 times rugged than that of others.
  • The multiple locking mechanisms are higher to protect with double success rate.
  • The corner bolts on the edge of the door to prevent the bug attack. On the other hand, the bolts are attached with the iron plate that prevents the bolts from bending down.
  • The fire rating is 100 minutes in 1680 degrees F. There are external hinges in the gun safes. And these would not rise the fire at higher temperature as like internal hinges.</li



  • The safe is more conversant with lots of storages and more guns.
  • There is extra and removable shelves system with a chemical coating for higher durability. The shelving system is acquired at a wide variety like Axis Shelving System, Duo-Plus, customizable the exclusive Axis Adjustable Shelving system, etc.


  • It is a little bit expensive.


* If you want to create a customized Gun Vault for your firearms, Browning is the best gun manufacturer to fulfill your desire *


Fort Knox Gun Safe

Fort Knox is famous for making all ranges of a gun safe with high quality. They do not market any product without complete satisfactory quality testing in their lab. Customer satisfaction gets the topmost priority for them.


  • All the smaller and big gun boxes have equal quality material of steels that are strong enough to break.
  • Fort Knox offers a lifetime warranty for all the products. They mend any damage to the products for the whole life under some terms and conditions.
  • The locking option is much simpler to access. You do not have to be failed to open the lock with personal effort as like other complex locks. It has just mechanical and electronic lock options.
  • Facilities of long or small racks available too for storing the guns and other valuables.</li



  • During opening the door, it has many vertical spaces to open the lid so that storages become comfortable.
  • The external material is powder-coated perfectly, which is good for dehumidifier and it helps to reduce the smoke and humidity.


  • It has not biometric or any other different locking options for better quality.
  • For long gun safes, it is not that much reliable like handgun safes.


* If you need a quality certified gun safe that can serve you for a lifetime, undoubtedly you have to rely on Fort Knox.*


BullDog Gun Safes

Bull Dog is the first to innovate the LED light option to the safes and vaults. The products are affordable and durable to use.


  • It produces gun holsters, gun safes, and vaults of different kinds that you can make a wide choice of products.
  • The products are made of tough nylon and durable material that the products would stay for long 8 to 10 years.
  • All the products are built with special attention to make it easily programmable.
  • You may get biometric locks and digital keypads by your choice. Primary and secondary keys are also available for more protection.
  • It creates some movable products that are specially designed to mount on the wall and concrete floor. The size of the gun safes is smaller to use.



  • You can get all the products at a reduced price.
  • In case of lock, you can get the combination of security and electronic lock to get double protection.


  • Not reliable for long gun safes as collections are nor that much.
  • Wide range of collections is not available.


* Besides having complete safety for firearms, if you want to stay with innovators, Bull Dog is a perfect choice. You can rely on their patents for a small gun.*


AMSEC Gun Safes

AMSEC is an innovator of good quality and highly secured gun safes for everyone in the market. They have an exclusive collection of the gun safes for whatever the reasons people keep guns as protection, shooting, hunting, constitutions and so on.


  • AMSEC has an exclusive range of gun safes like wall safes, handgun safes, and concrete safes. You may choose all your requirements. Guns safes of different categories, colors, shapes are available to choose from.
  • Fire rating is an important factor. AMSEC produces various types of fire-proof guns to a different extent.
  • It has a monitor of temperature and humidity change at the safe. So you can have the idea by getting hints from the changes in the monitor of the safe.



  • Several good access systems are available like biometric, double keys, and digital keypads. You can maintain all the systems easily.
  • Different types of removable shelves, racks, and boxes are available to store valuables that you want to secure.


    All the products are of slightly high priced.


* To choose from an extensive series of gun safes, you may buy your required one from AMSEC. It is one of the best and well built up brands for gun safes.*


Sturdy Safe

One of the best commercial gun safes manufacturers is the Sturdy Gun Safe Inc. They sell around 30% of the gun safes to many Law enforcement agencies.


  • It is specialized in long gun safes and among these some cheap long gun safes are also there.
  • There are both fire liner and without fire liner space.
  • Average fire rating is 2300 degree F.
  • Average fire rating is 2300 degree F.Chisel resistant with adjourning door of tight gaps that the door may not be opened with huge catastrophe.
  • The deadbolts are very tough to unbendable.
  • It applies hot welding for diffusion and deep strength.



  • Different types of permanent and removable gun racks are present.
  • Some handgun hangers are also available.
  • You can get American made rifle rods here including.
  • It is comparatively reduced price than other competitors.


  • The tight door sometimes makes it tough to open.


* Sturdy Safe is a long gun safe manufacturer with lots of collections, but some pistol safes are also available here.*


Gun Vault Safe

Gun vault manufactures a wide range of gun safes with quick access but strong protection. The Gun Vault Firearm safe provides the security with the handgun safe too.


  • It manufactures three types of gun safes life biometric, electronic digital and AR-15 Safes.
  • The Fingerprint locking system is available with a gun vault biometric option.
  • The safes are made of high-quality steel which is much more sturdy.
  • You can get a combined option of biometric and digital keypad too.



  • Easy and effortless access to the locking system.
  • Some gun safes can be popular for drawer, floor gun safes and gun vault for truck too. You may have the gun vault in a room.
  • The safe is especially acquainted with the Pistol safes and AR safes. Pick the gun vault manual to know the usage.


  • You cannot get the desired long gun safes here.


* Gun Vault is popular for smaller pistol safes, Gun Vault mini vault and specialized AR vault safe.*


Rhino Metals, Inc. Gun Safe or Rhino Gun Safe

Rhino Metals, Inc produces a great range of diverse products which includes gun safes too.


  • It sells a wide range of long gun safes of diverse features.
  • The average fire rating is 40 minutes to 130 minutes at average temperature 1400 degree. F.
  • It has the relocking option which is spring-loaded to keep the thefts and burglars out.
  • It innovates 4 types of brands Kodiak gun safe, Longhorn gun safe, Rhino and Rhino ironworks.
  • Four layers of fire boards covering extra protection protect the safe.
  • You can store 18 to 76 guns according to the model or space of the gun safe.



  • You can store 18 to 76 guns according to the model or space of the gun safe.
  • The door resistant to heat extends 7 times to its usual size.


  • You can’t get any help with a small gun or pistol safe as they produce gun safe mainly for long guns.
  • Limited locking options, you won’t have the option to choose different locking options like biometric.


* Rhino Metal Inc sales mainly the long guns of relocking system. You don’t have to choose from a lot of collections.*


Winchester Gun Safe

Winchester Safes is a reliable manufacturer for the guns. Besides high-quality guns, it is used to produce safes too for other valuables and Winchester gun safe accessories.


  • Basically, it produces long gun safes of different series by naming Evolution, Legacy, Silverado, Treasury, Big Daddy, Ranger, bandit, Ammo, etc.
  • The safes are of different sizes and of different gauge steel ranging from 10 gauge to 14gauge that is much sturdy material.
  • According to sizes 42 to around 70 guns can be preserved.
  • Fire rating ranges from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours.
  • For extra protection, it provides the fire layer at the four sides of the safe.
  • Easy access security of mechanical and electronic locking system that creates no Winchester gun safe locked out.



  • Some brands include the bolting options to attach the safe to the wall, floor or other secret places.
  • Winchester Silverado gun safe and Winchester ranger gun safe have the higher collection.
  • These safes are available as “one for all”, that you can store any treasuries along with guns.
  • You can get Winchester gun safe manual for usage.


  • Winchester produces very few handgun safes that are not enough to choose.
  • Just simple locking system, you cannot get the biometric technology.
  • You cannot have a wide range of collection.


* Winchester Safes is popular for long gun safes with high fire rating service. You can get good Winchester gun safe reviews to purchase.*


Final Verdict

You already have some good ideas about the best gun safe manufacturer in the market. We have used our experience, and thorough research to make a complete list. We emphasize on the features, usability and customer feedback to create the top manufacturer list for the important gun safe.


All of the best gun safe manufacturer have some uniqueness in their making and design. Besides, the safety rating and space requirement make them suitable for different types of storage capacity.


Out of these you may look to Honeywell and Hamilton Safe as well, which produce very limited amount of gun safes.


Now, this is your turn. You know all the ins and outs of the top listed best gun safe manufacturer in the town. You can rely on any of them who suits most for your requirement.

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