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Top 6 Best Fireproof Gun Safe | Top Six Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews 2020

Top 6 Best Fireproof Gun Safe | Top Six Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews 2020

Guns protect you. Do you know the protectors also need protection from burglar and thief? Do you consider, the fire may also damage your gun? Many people want to know about how to fireproof a gun safe. You have the option of best fireproof gun safe in hand to protect the gun from fire, burglar, and thief.


Thank, GOD!


By the way, you do not have to worry much about the safety of the firearms anymore as long as you own the best fireproof gun safe.


Besides, you can keep your valuable belongings in the best rated fireproof gun safe. Therefore, you will be free from tension for keeping your money, jewelry, and documents in it.


Besides applying our experience, we have considered the fire withstand ability for picking the product in our list.


The Best Fireproof Gun Safe Comparison

ProductTime (Hour)Temperature
Material in BuiltWeight (lbs)BatterySafe CapacityLocking BoltsEditors RatingPrice
Steelwater AMHD593024-EMP21875Solid Steel & fire board765AA22 long guns205.0Amazon Price
Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK
11875Solid Steel & fire board380AA16 Long guns104.9Amazon Price
Small Safe Fireproof Safe2700Solid Steel8.43AA1 Pistol24.6Amazon Price
SnapSafe Titan Digital Modular Safe12300Solid Steel397AA12 Long guns84.8Amazon Price
SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe11700Solid Steel87AA1 Pistol45.0Amazon Price
Superday Safe Case Security Lock BoxNANASolid Steel8.43AA1 Pistol24.6Amazon Price


If you are a newbie, it is difficult for you to select the best fireproof gun safe under 500 that assure the best value to your investment. However, we have already reviewed hundreds of best choice gun safe.


Besides the best small fireproof gun safe, we have used our vast experience to drag out the best long gun safe for money. For creating a useful list for the users, we have focused on fire protection, features, and price.


When readers of this site buy through our link, we may earn an affiliate commission. Therefore this affiliate commission never biased our product recommendation. Our motto is to promote the best products for consumers, through detail research and market analysis.



6. E.M.P Proof 22 Gun Capacity 120 min fireproof Gun Safe AMHD593024 from Steelwater


This Steelwater Gun safe can assure the high-level security of your gun and valued belongings that you need. This best rated fireproof gun safe can protect the important gears up to 120 minutes. Steelwater is one of the best gun safe producers.However they know very well that how to build a fireproof gun safe.

Features of E.M.P Proof 22 Gun Capacity 120 min fireproof Gun Safe AMHD593024

  • Not to mention that, it is made of solid steel of nine gauges. Steel protects the safe from four sides. Your documents can be safe from any mishaps with the higher amount of gauge.
  • For easy visibility, there is an automatic LED light, which turns on during opening the door. Therefore, you can view the things inside the safe even if the area is dark.
  • Additionally, digital touch keypad with an LED light that is double bitted to save it from extra pressure.
  • Total 20 locking bolts which is one and a half diameter is perfect for full security of the valuable accessories. It is 25% larger than the previous version.
  • Furthermore, it gives you fire protection for two whole hours at 1875 degree Fahrenheit temperature. It is the best rate from the protection of the fire.
  • The doors are compositely made of a solid steel plate, which is ¼ inch and four layers of fireboard. The doors are thick at 5 ¼” inch. The thick layers provide additional strength to the safe.
  • The lock and bolt system is gear driven that keeps it safe from any punching and drill attacks.
  • To sum up, you can put a maximum of 22 long guns and average capacity with 14 to 18 long guns with other materials.
  • There is an emergency re-locking bolt of spring-loaded to secure the safe to deal with the special case of removing the lock.
  • You can protect the lock, re-locker, linkages and gear drives with the drill resistant hard plate, which is 8 times larger.
  • Moreover, the handles are perfectly finished and polished with a semi-textured powder coated feature.
  • The seal of the door is heat activated. Additionally, it seals out the heat and smokes out of the safe. Moreover, the seal is expandable which is 8 times thicker in a random critical event.
  • Not to mention, that there are anchor holes of five diameters. It is fixed with ¼” steel plate in case of bolting down. consequently the holes are used for attaching to the wall or floor.
  • A double-sided gun rack can accommodate 11 long guns in per section, which is enough for support.

Shortcut Features:

  • Dimension: 59″ x 30″ x 24″
  • Material: Solid steel and Fire Boards
  • Capacity: 22 long guns
  • Fire Rating: 2 hours with 185-degree Fahrenheit
  • Shelves: Double-sided racks with 4 extra shelves
  • Locking Bolts: 20
  • Keypad: Digital with LED light


E.M.P Proof 22 Gun Capacity 120 min fireproof Gun Safe AMHD593024 from Steelwater


  • Includes a free high-quality UL listed power supply and rechargeable box
  • Double racks and extra 4 shelves
  • Digital keypads for password
  • Highest fire rated gun safe
  • Extra preventing option by the relocking system.
  • Maintain the California Department of Justice regulatory standards


  • Somewhat complex with the numerical system.

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* If you have several long guns and can purchase the costly long fireproof gun safe then the Steelwater AMHD593024-EMP Fireproof Gun Safe is the best long gun safe for the money.*


5. Improved 16 Gun Capacity 60 min fireproof Heavy duty Gun Safe AMSW592216-BLK from Steelwater



As shown above, this improved and modernized Steelwater gun safe can secure your valuable elements up to 60 minutes. It is the best choice gun safe for fire. It can provide protection even at a high temperature like 1875.


Features of Improved 16 Gun Capacity 60 min fireproof Heavy duty Gun Safe AMSW592216-BLK

  • As can be seen, the material is solid steel sturdy one, which is durable for many years. It has 9 gauge steel to heavily protect the fireproof rifle safe.
  • The door is heavy which is thick at 4 ¾ inches. Therefore, the fire would not do any harm. It includes two fire boards also in addition to steel material.
  • Notably, all the four sides’ wall, ceiling, floor, door jam are double layered for double protection.
  • For extra security, you may find the bolt down holes made with 1/4 inches steel.
  • However, you can keep it safe for 1 hour at 1875 degree Fahrenheit in fire attack.
  • In the maximum amount, you may put 16 long guns. However, on average the gun capacity is 8 to 10 if others valuables are included.
  • You can open the door at a large area of height 53 1/4″ and width 15 7/8″ that gives you comfortability in the opening.
  • The fireproof safe has the extra protection like a Steel Plate to cover the re-locker, lock, linkages and gear drives. Moreover, the Plate is larger by 8 times than before.
  • Furthermore, extra re-locking bolt of spring steel material to secure the safe in case the main lock is damaged or removed in fire effect.
  • The handles in the safe are perfectly finished with a solid back texture powder-coat, which helps to protect the cover from stain. Additionally, there is a finished silver line stripping too.
  • The door seal is extremely heat activated. It can seal out the smoke and water. The thickness expands to maximum eight times to protect the safe.
  • The interior holds the grey color design which is the color of common choice for all
  • The whole weight is 380 lbs which is not very much therefore.
  • There are two sections of gun racks. For this reason, you may put long eight guns per section. Moreover, it would have four removable shelves to keep guns and other valuables. One is of full length and the other three are of small length. Under those circumstances, it helps the owner to use additional space in the safe.
  • The safe has E.M.P proof digital keypads where you can use 3 to 8 digits codes to secure the safe. The keypad is double bitted so that it does not spoil through long-term usage.
  • There are five pre-drilled holes. One hole is in the back of the safe. The hole is drilled into the steel material. It is ½” diameter base. 4 other pre-drilled holes of ½” diameter are present too for extra security. All the holes are needed during bolting down of the safe to the ground or wall.

Shortcut Features:

  • Fire rating: 1 Hour at 1875 degree Fahrenheit
  • Exterior dimension: 59″ x 22′ x 16″
  • Inner Dimension: 55.75″ x 19.5″ x 12.5″
  • Space: 55.75″ x 19.5″ x 10.5″
  • Weight: 380 lbs
  • Material: Solid steel
  • Battery: AA
  • Gun capacity: 16 full long guns. Average 8 to 10


Improved 16 Gun Capacity 60 min fireproof Heavy duty Gun Safe AMSW592216-BLK from Steelwater


  • Firstly, improved larger locking bolt.
  • Additionally,  you can put long or short valuable materials in the safe.
  • New LED light with keypad for easy visibility.
  • Good fireproof gun safes reviews
  • Moreover, maintains the Justice regulatory standards of California.
  • Includes a rechargeable box of 200 gm pack free.
  • The material is durable but soft on your valuables.


  • Conversely, not delivered in some areas of the USA

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* If you need a high-quality fireproof gun safe that can protect a few long guns at a high temperature, the Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK can be a great choice for you.*


4. US Stock White Fireproof Digital Gun Safe from Flyerstoy



The best small fireproof gun safe confirms sufficient protection to your important gears and guns. The size makes it easy to settle in the wall or hide in the cabinet. One of the best fire rated gun safes.


Besides saving the gun, the best rated gun safe is very popular as a money vault.


Features of US Stock White Fireproof Digital Gun Safe

  • Flyerstoy uses solid steel in the body and reinforced steel inside to make the product sturdy and protect the gun about 20 minutes at a high temperature. However, having steel insulation the document can burn out soon after heat rises.
  • The measurement of the door is 2 inches thick. Therefore, fire or uneven mishaps cannot make it weak or damaged. Flyerstoy uses dual security steel in the door, which has a strain resistant coat.
  • To open the password both the digital pin code and override keys are available. Override keys are for emergency use.
  • You will get two keys for a hidden manual lock.
  • The digital lock has 3 to 8 digit password protection. You can set whatever combination you need to secure the inner side.
  • The pre-drilled holes can be fixed with wall or floor by using bolts. The anchor bolts are of 2 1/2″ and there are 2 anchor bolts.
  • The package will include free rechargeable 4AA Battery which can serve a long time without causing any troubling.

Shortcut Features:

  • Dimension: 0.74″ x 0.56″ x 0.53″
  • Weight: 8.43 Ib
  • Material: Solid steel
  • Locking Bolts: 2 anchor
  • Battery: 4 AA included


US Stock White Fireproof Digital Gun Safe from Flyerstoy


  • Padding is included for the security of sophisticated items.
  • Moreover, it may attachable to walls, floor, cabinets, or other places.
  • Best fireproof gun safes for home, office or hotel.
  • Best fire resistant gun safe
  • Good to protect pistol, jewelry, and other metals
  • Fireproof gun safe cheap for purchase.
  • Can carry easily to other places for low weight and small size.
  • Reasonable and perfect for random use


  • Not appropriately insulated with fire resistant element. Therefore, paper items often damages.

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* Want to use the safe for small guns or movable purpose then try the Small Safe. You can use the best fireproof gun safe in any place according to your need.*


3. Digital Fireproof Electronic Lock Modular Titan Safe from SnapSafe



If you own just a few long guns and need a cheap fireproof gun safe, this Titan from SnapSafe can be a better option. You can protect the inner material up to 2300 degree Fahrenheit.


Features of Digital Fireproof Electronic Lock Modular Titan Safe

  • It is made of solid steel material inside and outside. The door also consists of hard steel material.
  • There are 8 locking bolts of 1 inch and a spring-loaded relocker. The electronic lock is high-quality UL approved fireproof. The breach resistant seal is of professional grade.
  • Additionally, it gives fire protection for 1 hour and with 2300 degree Fahrenheit temperature.
  • There are five seals in the door, which are heat resistant, and shield protected. The interior lines are finished nicely with powder-coated of grey color.
  • It is modular to be used easily. The modular is digital too.
  • There are a full shelf and 2 half shelves. It consists of two racks, which are one full gun rack and 1 half gun rack. The 2 half shelves are installed at the half gun rack. The overall safe is much more spacious to keep the guns with other valuables.
  • There are 8 locking bolts for full security of the valuables.
  • Gun capacity is 12 or more as per the space of the safe. You can put the other long or short materials, which are valuable and perfectly placed.
  • The safe is available in disassembled condition. You have to assemble it with the help of the instructions. So, the assembling is easy to manage.

Shortcut Features:

  • Dimension: 55.125″ x 17″ x 14.5″
  • Weight: 400 lb
  • Material: Solid steel
  • Battery: AA
  • Gun capacity: 12 full long guns


Digital Fireproof Electronic Lock Modular Titan Safe from SnapSafe


  • Firstly, highly fire-protected at 2300 degree Fahrenheit temperature.
  • Secondly, though it is large, you can carry it by pieces as it is disassembled.
  • Finally, the assembling is very easy doing in minutes.


  • Battery is needed but not included.

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* If you need a pre-assembled gun safe that affords to secure long guns then Digital Fireproof Electronic Lock Modular Titan Safe is best for you.*


2. Water and Fireproof Digital Lock SFW123GDC Safe from SentrySafe


If you are looking for water and fireproof gun safe, the SFW123GDC from SentrySafe can be a perfect choice. 24 hours of water, protection under 8 inch deep is very good at securing your valuable element from water. Additionally, t can also protect the inside element at 1700 Fahrenheit for an hour.


Features of Water and Fireproof Digital Lock SFW123GDC Safe

  • You can keep it safe in the level of water filled to 8-inch depth. Besides, it offers 24-hour protection in the water. Therefore, the areas tended to flood in monsoon is more in need of this.
  • Additionally, t is made of solid steel material, which is strong enough to make it durable for long years.
  • therefore, you can put at the weight amount of total 1.23 cubic feet of goods here in the safe.
  • Fire protection for 1 hour and 1700 degree Fahrenheit. During this high temperature, it is safe for DVDs, USBs, and other valuables like legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash, and other material things.
  • The safe is so sturdy that it is fall-resistant from 15 feet and the door would remain locked even. It would face any burning or other situation in no sides.
  • The safe is UL classified and ETL verified which gives extra protection from fire and other catastrophes.
  • There is primary and secondary locking digital keypad with 1 to 8 digit. As a result, you can use it to create a customized password for the safe. The digital combination of the keys is perfect for unique access.
  • The secondary keypad gives extra protection to the owner who creates the primary access to the safe.
  • 4 live locking bolts help your gun safe to remain secure by attaching the safe to wall, floor or other places.
  • The drawer has also the function of digital locking. So, it is helpful for smaller and tiny materials for easy access to those. Moreover, if you want to give access to others of the safe accept the drawer it would be the best.
  • The spring bar is pry-resistant to control the opening of the door. In that case forced entry would be prevented by this added security.
  • There is a backlight in the interior part of the safe. Therefore, the light allows the visibility of the interior things of the safe even if there is no light in the place.
  • The alkaline AA battery is better than that of the rechargeable ones. Because the AA batteries have 8 to 10 years of life span.
  • Finally, bolt down kit is important for the security of the safe. Then, bolting down helps that the burglars can never move the safe from its place.

Shortcut Features:

  • Fire rating: 1 Hour at 1700 degree Fahrenheit
  • Exterior dimension: 16.3” x 19.3” x 17.8”
  • Interior dimension: 12.6” x 11.9”x 13.8”
  • Weight: 87 lb
  • Material: Solid steel
  • Battery: AA
  • Gun capacity: 1.23 Cubic feet


Water and Fireproof Digital Lock SFW123GDC Safe from SentrySafe


  • Firstly, the waterproof feature helps in terms of the water spray during firebreak out.
  • Secondly, The battery compartment is easy to operate and change.
  • Thirdly, it can be your best bedside gun safe


  • Some locking parts are made of plastic, which is not durable.

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* If you need the water and fireproof gun safe within your budget, the SentrySafe SFW123GDC is the best option available in the market.*


1. Digital Locking Screw Mounted Key locking Fireproof Gun Safe from Superday



The Superday safe is for those who like to use safely in multiple things just for some days. This mini safe comes in the small budget to fulfill the temporary aim of keeping safe.


Features of Digital Locking Screw Mounted Key locking Fireproof Gun Safe

  • It has the highest quality, you need. There are both the coded locks and emergency keys to open the safe. The supersede keys are used to operate the electronic lock. The operation of the safety key is very easy here.
  • There are holes for screws and with these, you can put the boxes on the walls and any other places. Moreover, you may keep the box aside from the children so that they cannot reach that.
  • It is made with solid steel and it is high-quality material. As a result, the safe is much strength to be safe from fire.
  • Moreover, you can store your cash, jewelry, pistols, important documents, and other valuables safely.
  • You can put one full-size pistol with other valuables in this fireproof pistol safe.
  • Not to mention that, the hard and sturdy material prevents it from uneven fire or accidentally open.
  • The weight is about 10.6 lb. That means you can easily carry it to other places.
  • The batteries are 4×1.5 of type AA. But you have to add the battery separately.
  • It has the digital keypad to operate the password. You can put 3 to 8 digital codes to create passwords.
  • However, the doors of the safe seem to be soft but these are rough to secure your materials.

Shortcut Features:

  • Dimension: 9.05″ X 6.7″ X 6.7″
  • Weight: 10.6 lb
  • Material: Solid steel
  • Battery: AA
  • Gun capacity: 1 full-size pistol with other things.


Digital Locking Screw Mounted Key locking Fireproof Gun Safe from Superday


  • It is easy to carry at home in any other place or hotel or office.
  • You can keep your gun safe from the children roaming around.


  • The battery has to be added to the package on your own.
  • Mini size, not perfect for many guns.
  • Finally, low fire rating.

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* You are just using the safe for a small gun or other important papers and likes to move with it then Superday Safe is the best category for this.*


Buying Guide for the Best Fireproof Gun Safe

If you have the guns, you must have a fire safe gun safe for the security of the guns. Moreover, you can use the safe not only for guns but also for other pricey materials. There are many cheap fireproof gun safes for sale.


Before purchasing the best fireproof gun safe, you have to consider the reasons why you need it. Besides, you may consider the following features:

Fire Rating

Always try to use the higher limit of the fire time and degree. Choose the best rated gun safe that can secure your element at 800 degrees Fahrenheit and for at least thirty minutes. Often the normal fire has 400-500 degree Fahrenheit temperature. By the way, you have to make your gun safe after fire.


Important to mention that, often the firefighter comes within a maximum of ten minutes. However, selecting an option that withstands more heat and more time is better. By the way, search about best fire resistant gun safe reviews. Always check the fireproof gun safe ratings.

Gun Capacity

If you have already owned guns, the size is the key element for selecting the gun safe capacity. The large gun needs more space like large fireproof gun safe while the smaller one needs a little. Moreover, you should not forget the space where you should keep it.


Besides, you must be careful about the purpose of the gun safe. If you want to keep it bedside, you should choose a smaller one. However, for keeping more guns in the garage or somewhere else, you may need the long gun safe for the money.



If you need the safe for random use, you should pick a low weight option. However, if you are using this occasionally, the heavy gun safe can be suitable. Low weight options are often smaller while the heavy options are larger.


Primary and Secondary Locks

First thing to remember always check the safe has both locks so that in case of emergency you can use the secondary lock to open the password. During the burglary, the removing of the primary password then would not be enough to open the safe.

In terms of fire if the primary lock is broken, then the secondary lock would protect the safe. This will keep your safe distant from quick access.


Always find a safe in which the keypad is operated with a quality and long-lasting battery. By the way, most of the best fireproof gun safe comes with free rechargeable batteries.


The alkaline AA battery is a better option. If you want to use a rechargeable battery, please make sure that that one works well for many years. Because you should abstain yourself from using non-alkaline and rechargeable batteries.


You have to locate the battery in the holder carefully and always use the battery of good and all the same brands. Moreover, a good quality Alkaline AA battery lasts for 8 to 10 years.


Steel Gauging

As can be seen, the aim for choosing the best safe is to keep it safe from the theft or fire attack. So the thicker and harder the steel, that is better. Use a larger gauge of steel to make the safe strong enough to disclose.


In our calculation try to be in more than 7 gauge to have the best and tough security for the gun safe. Thus the safe cannot be drilled or broken.

Fire Seals

Make sure that the fire seals in the door of the safe are heat protected. It should have prevented the touch of fire in itself to protect the safe from fire.


The seal in the door is more important in the external position of the safe. In other words, this seal helps to take out the smoke and moisture out of the box.

The seal also helps to keep the water protected to enter the safe. The seal will extend to its size more broadly in the time of the fire to seal out between the door and internal side.



Moreover, you can check if the safe has the mounting characteristics. That means you have to be able to attach it with the bolting down on the wall or the floor or in other places. The fixation helps you keep it from the children and customize the fixing place.

Therefore, try to choose the safe having four locking bolts to attach to flat and balanced places. Besides this, fireproof gun cabinet safe is also available


Internal Racks and Shelves

It is better if the fireproof safe has two-sided racks and some removable shelves inside it. In the removable safe, you may keep the other valuable variables here. You can make multiple uses of the gun safe very effectively.


FAQ about the Best Fireproof Gun Safe


Is 14 gauge steel good for gun safe?

As can be seen, one of the substantial factors of purchasing fireproof guns is the thickness of the steel. The more gauge steel the better. However, the strength and durability of the safe depend more on the thickness of the steel. Usually, the amount of gauge of steel ranges from 14 to 20.


Significantly, 14-gauge steel is good for fireproof gun safe. You may use the safe of 8+ steel gauge to make the best protection of the safe. Remember to avoid the thin and light steel related to the safe. Moreover, try to receive the maximum gain from the safe you buy with an extensive price.


Are all the gun safes protect inner elements from fire?

Not all the gun safes are fireproof. However, we have tried to list those, which are fireproof to a different extent. Because all the fireproof gun safes are not fireproof at the same rate.


Generally speaking, all the gun safes are different at sizes and characteristics and so the fire protection. Nevertheless, not the fire protection of all the safes are equal.


Is 30-minute fire protection enough?

Another key point is that 20 minutes of fire protection is enough is the place is in remote from the fire service. However, if you stay in an urban area where the firefighters may come late, less than 1-hour protection is not very effective.


How long does a fireproof safe last?

Although the fire rating of the best fireproof gun safe provides the highest capacity, at a lower temperature the protection can be more. For example, the 1 hour rated at 1875-degree temperature gun safe can protect the inner elements more time at low heat.


What do you keep in a fireproof safe?

In fact, you can put so many things in the fireproof safe except guns like cash, jewelry, important documents, and other hard materials too. As a result all the things are protected in the safe.


Does cash burn fireproof safe?

Must be remembered that, cash is a paper item and easily porn to burn. Therefore, if you put cash in a fireproof safe, be sure it has proper insulation. If the highly protected steel gun safe does not contain proper insulation, it may not suitable to put money inside.


What should be the minimum fire rating?

Not to mention that, the minimum fire resistance should be 800 degrees Fahrenheit for at least thirty minutes. Therefore, the normal household fire has temperature ranges from 400-500 degree Fahrenheit.


However, having a high fire rating like 1800 or 2000 is best, because they can protect longer than the maximum capacity claim. As an example, if the best fireproof gun safe can withstand for 30 minutes at 1800 temperature, it can protect more time at a lower temperature. You may get lots of affordable fireproof gun safes.


Final Verdict

All things considered after completing the buying guide and FAQ session, you know much about the best fireproof gun safe. We have tried to share the most important events, you must know before making a purchase that is worth your money.


With our  our vast experience and research for weeks, we have been able to make the list of best fireproof gun safe. We have focused on features, design, fire protection, and many other things while selecting the list.


If you need the best long gun safe for money E.M.P Proof 22 Gun Capacity 120 min fireproof Gun Safe AMHD593024 from Steelwater is the right option.


However, if you need water and fireproof gun safe for pistol and small guns, the Water and Fireproof Digital Lock SFW123GDC Safe from SentrySafe is a perfect piece. The others are also good options as fireproof gun safe.


Now you are the key person who has to decide whether you go with the expert opinion or apply your knowledge to pick the correct one for you.

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