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Our Mission

We set our mission to help people to get the best safety gears within the budget. We do this to share our knowledge and skill to make the world a safer place to live.


What is Dealingsafe?

The is a blog site that reviews the safety gear for you which is essential for living safely. We often review elements that are essential for your security. From personal belongings to safety gears even safety gears’ safety, all are under the same umbrella.


Who we are?

We come from various background and experience. Our team contains safety gear experts, home security professionals, and proofreaders, etc. As a result, we can assure the best safety gears advice to our audience.


Process of Review

We follow our standard sequence of a work product review. Each week, we pay out hundreds of hour on every single product.


Our work sequence is before preparing useful content for the readers.

  • Research
  • Investigate
  • Interview
  • Survey
  • Analyze


We do not play with the faith of our audience. Therefore, we do not take an easy way to select the product. We take the feature, materials, usability, original purchaser opinion, usefulness, and other important events into account.


We do not stick to the same selection system for each product. Our experts of various elements spend many hours in different angle to pick the right product on the list. Our review process is different. As an example, we are more focused on the original users’ actualization; interview the users’ and experts’ experience; the reality of features’ usefulness.


Often you can find our experts in the lab with many mugs of coffee and multiple open tabs on the safety elements.


We do not only review the product but also compare them with the possible options that may suit you. As a result, you will get a clear scenario of the product you may need to purchase. Our expert team is always busy with searching for the best safety option in the market.


After the native writers create valuable contents on the research work, the proofreaders have to approve them for going live in


Why can you depend on us?

From the beginning, we are very conformist in product selection and suggestion. Until now, we have published many product reviews on our blog.


Before getting our recommendation, the product quality and usability must pass a tough time with us. Therefore, we assure the same quality and usefulness people get as our recommendation.


Even the proofreader sometimes rejects the content before going live if they do not find sufficient trustworthy elements in their research.

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